Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Sunday, 16 December 2018

The Week Ahead 17 Dec 2018

Training this Tuesday is the Clockwise Danes Loop speed, strength and endurance  session: three for the price of one! 30 mins or a max of 6 continuous loops with active recoveries.
Starting from the corner of Kingsmark Ave run down the hill in a fast but controlled manner - get that leg cadence going - then use a good hard effort up Huntfield Rd to the junction at Kingsmark Lane.
Recovery is a jog/walk along the top of Kingsmark Lane back to the corner. It is important to take about half of the time that it took to run your effort up Huntfield Rd.OR check that your heart rate has lowered to about 75% of maximum before starting again.
No organised run Thursday - it’s the Xmas do in the Drill Hall. Still time to book a place: only £17 for loads of scrummy scrsn and some rocking music. Bring your own drink and save pounds.
And finally, on Sunday morning our Juniors are joining with the Seniors to lay on a seasonal fun run in Piercefield Park. Come straight to the Park by 10.30 to sign on. Bring all your family, Dress up and give us all a laugh. Races of 5k, 2k, and sprints for toddlers. Followed by mince pies and drinks. 

Sunday, 9 December 2018

The Week Ahead 10 Dec 2018

Hi everyone it’s Coach Jane, I’m taking the training this week on Tuesday and here it is!
Trot to the start and meet at 7:20pm at the bottom of Meadow Walk for a static warm up. Run the session on the left bearing in mind the lump on pavement on the left next to the second lamp post. 2 x 12 mins of 400m ‘ish laps of continuous running with 3 mins recovery back at the start between sets. Use a hard 10k effort up the hill, you should be able to say the odd word. Crest the hill without stopping at the turn and use the downhill section to recover. Practice pace judgement and aim for consistent lap times. 
Uphill. Slight forward lean from the hips, not the waist. Keep looking forward with the chest open.  Use a high knee drive. Pull your arms back keeping the elbows close to the body. Push off the back foot and run on the balls of your feet. Downhill. Relax, unclench your fists, let your arms go loose, and just let it happen, don't put on the brakes, but don't sprint either. 
Please be aware of other road users at all times. Remember they are returning home from work feeling tired and hungry!
On Thursday we have the December Club Champs at Moseley Green in the Forest of Dean. A night race that the Forest of Dean club are sharing with us in a mob match. See the web site and Club Champs announcement for details.
And finally, the final Club Fell Champs race on Saturday. Many members will know the Skirrid Race organised by our own Andy Creber. Here again the web site and the FB/BB have all the details.

Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Week Ahead 3 Dec 2018

Tuesday’s session is Thornwell Loops, a 1400m circuit with 60 seconds of static recovery between each rep. The session will increase your stamina and leg strength, leading to increased speed for your racing. Meet at the usual place (the alleyway by the zebra crossing) at 7:20 after warming up on the run from the LC. If you are going straight to the session, either warm up on your way there, or come early enough to run a warm up lap before the start time.

You will be running at your 10k effort; this will feel relatively slow at the start and remember the aim is consistency, however on your last lap try to accelerate and maintain a fast pace from the roundabout to the end, as you would in a race.Pace groups will be running the following session:A Group (39:59 10k) 5 laps at 4:26 - 4:33 per lapB Group (40:00 - 42:59 10k) 5 laps at 4:46 - 4:54 per lapC Group (43:00 - 46:59 10k) 4 laps at 5:13 - 5:21 per lapD Group (47:00 - 51:59 10k) 4 laps at 5:46 - 5:55 per lapE Group (52:00 - 56:59 10k) 3 laps at 6:19 - 6:29 per lapF Group (57:00 - 59:59 10k) 3 laps at 6:41 - 6:52 per lapG Group 60:00+ 10k) 3 laps at 7:08 - 7:20 per lapTwo weeks ago Jane gave us some great advice on form: 'Uphill.  Don't lean too far forwards. Keep looking to the top and keep yourself upright, hips under you.  Make your stride shorter and use a high knee drive. Keep the elbows close to the body. Push off the back foot and run on the balls of your feet.  Downhill.  Relax, unclench your fists, let your arms go loose, and just let it happen, don't put on the brakes, but don't sprint either.  Running down hills works on your leg turnover, which is key to fast running during races. Your maximal stride rate is controlled by your neuromuscular system, and quick leg turnover is best achieved through practice.  Downhill training teaches your nervous system to let you run fast.' Try and apply this during the session, and whenever you train, so that good form becomes second nature.Thursday’s run is across the Severn Bridge. The whole run and over back to the LC is about 10 miles. If you prefer a shorter route, turn back partway across.
Or join in the 45 minute guided run.