Sunday, 25 November 2018

The Week Ahead 26 Nov 2018

Join Coach James on Tuesday to keep in touch with your speed, with a 400m repetition session on the Link Road. Meet at the top of the Link Road at 7.10. You'll all be running 8 repetitions at 5k effort. Groups C to H will take a 200m jog recovery between repetitions, while groups A and B will have a 200m “float” recovery. The float is quicker than a jog; you should aim for around marathon pace.These speedier recoveries introduce an additional pacing challenge, and can be particularly effective for anyone who is struggling to translate their form in 'traditional' interval sessions into race performances. The layout of the course will be longer than last time we ran this session, taking into account feedback that it was tight on space.
On Thursday it’s the Sedbury run, or the 45 minute guided run for the steadier runners.
And finally, on Sunday an almost new venue for the third Gwent League. The previous time Bryn Bach Parc staged the event was such a long time ago. Anyone remember?

Thursday, 22 November 2018

AGM 2018 Notes

51 Harriers attended tonight’s AGM.
After the Chairman’s and Treasurer’s reports, members voted these new Committee members:
Club Kit Officer: Mark Burbidge (already Media Officer).
New Members Officers: Lou and Louise.
Equipment Officer: Karie.
Rep for D, E, F Speed Groups: Jane (Jane welcomes positive, creative and inclusive suggestions as to how things can be improved).
Men’s Captain: Dave Wheeler,. Asst Captain: Rob Beeves.
The Social Officer role is still vacant.
Stuart Duncan is taking over the Offa’s Orror Race Organiser job.
And finally, there was total commitment to Shari’s proposal that the Club avoids single-use plastic.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

The Week Ahead 19 Nov 2018

Tuesday’s training with Coach Jane: .Anti Clockwise Danes Loop. Meet opposite Park View on Kingsmark Lane ready for a warm up lap. Safety is paramount please stay on the pavement at all times. Assemble in a pace group with those of a similar 10k time as you. [I will put pace group times and lap effort times on a board at the venue] The session is 10k effort with 60 secs static recoveries. It is winter based training for endurance runners. 

We are running extensive repetitions - 30 mins of running, 6 laps max - to improve lots of things!:

To practice effort awareness, 

To help develop the aerobic energy system.

To develop strength & efficiency, by improving stride length (from uphill running) and stride frequency (from downhill running).

Running quickly over a set distance several times over is called repetition training and will improve your speed-endurance so that you can improve your times in endurance events. 

The recovery you have in between each repetition is crucial: the more recovery you have, the faster you will be able to run the repetitions so your speed will improve, if the recovery is kept short you may not achieve the same rep speed but you may be able to do more of them, so your speed-endurance will improve.

Good running form reminder: Uphill.  Don't lean too far forwards. Keep looking to the top and keep yourself upright, hips under you.  Make your stride shorter and use a high knee drive.  Keep the elbows close to the body.  Push off the back foot and run on the balls of your feet.  Downhill.  Relax, unclench your fists, let your arms go loose, and just let it happen, don't put on the brakes, but don't sprint either. Running down hills works on your leg turnover, which is key to fast running during races. Your maximal stride rate is controlled by your neuromuscular system, and quick leg turnover is best achieved through practice.  Downhill training teaches your nervous system to let you run fast.

Thursday is AGM night, starting at 8 in the LC Bar.

The runs start at 6.30. Tour of the Town in pace groups, or the 45 minute guided run.

And finally, on Sunday the November Club Champs is the Howling Bull Run. Good luck to all.

Monday, 12 November 2018

The Week Ahead 12 Nov 2018

On Tuesday Coach Dickie leads the Steep St hill session.
On Thursday we have the Mathern Run.
Or the 45 minute guided run.
On Saturday the current C25K team are running their inaugural parkrun at the Severn Bridge. Please come and support.
And finally, on Sunday the next GLCL XC at Pentre Piod just north of Pontypool: details on the GLCL website, linked from our Competition/Cross Country page.
Watch aout for our Team Captains’ postings for meeting detalis.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

East Wales Region, Mountain and Trail Running Committee Rep Wanted

A member of an East Wales Club is needed for this role.
I have the full job description, but briefly the holder will represent East Wales as the main point of contact between the Regional Athletics Council and the join Mountain and Trail Committee.
What they’re looking for is a keen fell and trail person to spend not a lot of time looking after  the interests of the sport.
Give me a shout and I’ll pass on the JD.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

London Marathon Draw

At tonight’s draw, Wendy Sharpe-Nash and Shari Finch were picked for the expected two Club places.

Syd Wheeler and Stuart Duncan are first and second reserves.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Week Ahead 5 Nov 2018

On Tuesday make your way down to the top of the Link Road by 7.10. Coach Kevin will be there with a clock to set you off in groups AB, CD, EF. Each group needs one member with a watch. The group stays together and runs down the Link Road and onto the Bridge (careful at the road crossing by the roundabout) until they reach the 20 minute mark. Everyone turns back and runs licketty-split (Coaching terminology) to get back to Kevin before 40 minutes have elapsed. Knowing Kev’s generosity, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are prizes for the successful! What fun eh?

Thursday’s run is to St Arvans and on to Porthcasseg, Gaer Hiil and back.

OR have a go at the guided 45 Minute Run.

Both leave at 7 from the LC bar.

And finally - on Saturday we have the 2nd Gwent League XC, which is more important than usual because it’s the 2018 East Wales Champs and the main selection event for the EW team for the Inter Regional at Llandridnod on 8 December. You need to give your name and a £1 coin to the Club Captain to enter and get your race number. Individual medals are handed out at the finish (Junior age cats as well as 20-34; 35-44; 45-54; 55+). Team medals will be calculated after.

See Captains’ postings for meet-up arrangements.