Sunday, 28 October 2018

The Week Ahead 29 Oct 2018.

Join Coach Carol down at Thornwell on Tuesday by 7.25 for the Loop. If you’re not running down, be there in time for a pre-run warmup.
It’s Shari’s All Saints Day run on Thursday. So she’ll be looking for seasonal costumes, and be laying on refreshments after. The run starts and finshes at the LC.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Week Ahead 22 Oct 2018.

On Tuesday, join Coach James for 400m repetitions on the Severn Bridge. Some might remember this from last winter: but don’t worry; it’s looking much warmer this time! Meet at the start of the bridge, by the entrance gate at 7.25. You'll be running 8-10 repetitions (10 for groups A-C, 8 for groups D-F) with a 200m jog recovery between reps. The consistent surface on the bridge is great for practising technique and pacing as well as speed. You’ll be running at 5k pace, although there is a twist. Your penultimate rep should be significantly faster than this, before returning to your target pace for the final rep. 400m rep target times based on 5k race times will be available online and at the session. Timing your repetitions and aiming for consistency is how you'll get the most out of it.
Thursday’s runs are the Boughsprings - 5,6 or 7 miles, up to you.
And of course the shorter, slower 45 minute guided run is an option.
And finally, on Sunday the October Club Champs - the Trellech Beacon Dash. Billed as a scenic multi-terrain

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Week Ahead 15 Oct 2018.

On Tuesday Jane is leading a Clockwise Danes loop speed endurance training session. 30 mins Or a max of 6 continuous loops with active recoveries.
This is repetition practice to increase speed & strength-endurance by learning to run hard whilst tired so that we don't fade towards the end of a race.
Starting from the corner of Kingsmark Ave go down the hill in a fast but controlled manner then use a good hard effort up Huntfield Rd to the junction at Kingsmark Lane.
Recovery is a jog/walk along the top of Kingsmark Lane back to the corner.
It is important to recover for about half of the time that it took to run your effort up Huntfield Rd. OR check that your heart rate has lowered to about 75% of maximum before starting again.
Timing your own efforts up Huntfield Rd and halving that time for your recovery will enable you to work at the training level you are at now.
As you get tired you may not achieve the same speed in each effort so your recovery time will get a little longer. 
So don’t set off too fast!

Thursday’s run is down to Beachley and back via the Wyebank estate.

Or join in the 45 Minute Guided Run.

On Saturday, Harriers are encouraged to run the Severn Bridge parkrun in your club vest as a recruiting exercise. Unattached runners will be magnetically attracted to this much voted-for top, and will throng to join us and get to wear this wonderful garment.

And finally, on Sunday, another chance to wear said top at the GLCL cross country that we’re putting on in Piercefield Park. 

Am I being rather naive in expecting no one to come out with that feeble old chestnut - ‘I haven’t got my club vest on today : it’s in the wash after wearing it yesterday...”

Sunday, 7 October 2018

The Week Ahead 8 Oct 2018

Tuesday’s session is the one we did a couple of times last winter around the Coach Road estate at Beachley. Remember the three paces circuit? Meet at Beachley Point carpark - that’s as far as you can drive, past the pub, past the slipway and SARA - ready to start at 7.
Thursday’s run starts at the LC at 7, up past the hospital, down the Link Road, across the upside of the Severn Bridge and back along the downside. If you don’t want to run that far, roughly 10 miles, choose a turnround spot on the way out, maybe one of the towers.
Or the 45 minute guided run also starts at 7 on Thursday.
And finally, the first Gwent League Cross-country of the season on Saturday at Pontcanna Fields in Cardiff. Look out for the Team Captains’ postings about meeting times.