Sunday, 30 September 2018

The Week Ahead 1 Oct 2018

On Tuesday make your way to the ramp down to the tunnel under the Severn Bridge on the upstream side for the Long and Short Hill Session. Meet Coach Sue there ready to start at 7.25.

On Thursday Social Sista Shari is giving us Quiz-a teering – an event designed to test how much you can discover about the town. Starting at the LC you will be given a set of questions that require answers: and conveniently the answers are all around us. You just have to find them!!! Think of it as a kind of information treasure hunt, if you like… 
You can run solo, in pairs or groups and you will have one hour to run as little or far as you like as you hunt down the answers.  Just make sure you complete the last question – it will lead you to refreshments at the end!
We think this social event will be enjoyed by all at the Club, 45 Minuters as much as anyone.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

The Week Ahead 24 Sept 2018

The Week Ahead 24 Sept 2018

Tuesdays’ hill session is Meadow Walk, off Deans Hill  in the Danes, led by Coach Geoff, assisred by Trainee Coach Erica.

Leave LC dead on 7 and warm up to the start, meeting at 7.10 at the bottom of the hill for instructions.

The session comprises 2 sets of 12 minutes of 400m  laps of continuous running with 3 mins receovery between sets.

Put in a hard effort up the hill, using the downhill section to jog recover. Hard is defined as being able to say one or two words.

 Practice pace judgement by aiming for consistent hill times and the ability to keep momentum at the top of the hill, maintaining or increasing your pace to the turnround.

This is an opportunity to practice your hillrunning form, leaning forward from the hips, not the waist, using arms and high knee raise, and pushing the ground back using your glutes and hamstrings.

Thursday’s run is to Shirenewton, down to Crick and back to the LC. If you want to do less than 10 miles, turn back at Shirenewton.

Monday, 17 September 2018

The Week Ahead 17 Sept 2018

On Tuesday Coach Kevin, assisted by Dickie, is leading us round the Danes Loop in the anti-clockwise direction, with a slow jog recovery along Kingsmark Lane.
Thursday’s runs are along the Boughspring routes - 5,6 or 7 miles - your choice.
Or a shorter, slower Thursday run will be the 45 Minute Guided Run.
Have a good week’s training.

Monday, 10 September 2018

GLCL Cross Country - Male/Female Distances

The ten GLCL clubs have now voted, and in future women and men will run the same distance - 5 Miles.
Chepstow are organising the first race in the coming season on Sunday 21 October in Piercefield Park.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Week Ahead 10 Sept 2018

Join coach James at the LC track on Tuesday for a session designed to help you hone your summer speed work into something that mimics the challenges of racing. You'll run 300m at 5k pace (target times will be available on the BB/Facebook/on the night), followed by a 'float' recovery. The float is quicker than the recovery pace in the recent 400m repetition session; you should be aiming for around marathon pace. These speedier recoveries have physiological and psychological benefits, and can be particularly effective for anyone who is struggling to translate their form in 'traditional' interval sessions into race performances. Groups A-C will do 2 sets of 5, D-F will do 2 sets of 4, with a 400m easy jog between sets. 
At the same time on Tuesday, Coach Jane is offering Recovery Running. Anyone welcome. 
If you've run a half M at the weekend or want to know how to gauge your easy runs, join me in a recovery run around the perimeter of the LC field. The aim will be to know how to do a recovery run and finish the run feeling better than we did at the start! We will pool our collective knowledge with a little bit of wisdom thrown in from me to give purpose to the run before we start. We will then join the speed training group for some stretching after.
The run on Thursday is the Wales Coast Path.
Or there’s the usual 45 Minute Guided Run for those who don’t want to run so far and so fast on Thursday

Sunday, 2 September 2018

The Week Ahead 3 Sept , 2018

On the L C track Tuesday, and take your partners for the ever popular Paarlauf. A 15 minute session followed by a 12 minute one separated by a 2 minute recovery period.

On Thursday we run across Piercefield Park, up to Porthcasseg, then Penterry, up to Gaer Hill masts and back via Rogerstone Grange. There are plenty of cut-back routes for those not wanting to do the whole circuit

And of course there’s always the 45 Minute Guided Run if you want a shorter, slower effort on Thursday.

And finally, good fortune to all doing the Lake Vrnwy Club Champs on Sunday.