Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Week Ahead 13 Aug 2018

The final Rose Inn Tuesday. There may be still a couple of helper slots to fill as usually happens in August. Please check the thread on the Bulletin Board and put your name down if you can help.
We are on the track this coming Thursday  to do an interval  session of 12 by 1 min efforts and 1 min recoveries. 
The next club championship is a half marathon so:-
This session will involve a good warm up, followed by a lead in of 5 min at half marathon pace, then 12 by 1min faster than half marathon pace  and  1 min half marathon pace recoveries  then 5 min jog cool down.  Total running time 34 min
The session is aimed at Improving Running Efficiency by focusing on the recovery element of the interval. It is a 30 min run at your Half Marathon base pace with 12 x 1 min surges to a hard but sustainable pace whilst being able to return to your half marathon base pace for 1 min in between the surges.  The benefits are gaining awareness of your half marathon pace, increasing the bodies ability to deal with waste products following an effort and improving your running efficiency. ( If you have to walk after an effort you are putting to much effort in!)
And as usual there’ll be the usual Thursday 45 minute Run starting from the LC Bar at 7.

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