Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Week Ahead 27 Aug 2018

Join Coach James on the freshly mowed (mown?) LC track on Tuesday for a 400m repeat session. You'll be running 8-10 repetitions (10 for groups A-C, 8 for groups D-F) with a 200m jog recovery between reps. This session is great for practising technique and pacing as well as speed, so you’ll be running them at 5k pace. If you ran this session back in June, take a look back at how you did. Did you go out too fast and fade? Did you manage to keep good form throughout? Have you got quicker since then, and so need to adjust your rep times? There is always something to improve on.  400m rep target times based on 5k race times will be available on the Bulletin Board, Facebook page and at the session if you'd like to use them. Timing your repetitions and aiming for consistency is how you'll get the most out of the session.
It’s the Gloucestershire Way on Thursday, or the 45 Minute Guided Run for those not wanting to run so far or so fast. Meet in the LC Bar.
On Saturday we run the next Fell Series Race, Fan Breichiniog. This race was devised by our own much missed Joc Dodd, and has proved a testing but not too demanding race in a quiet part of the National Park, known as the Black Mountain. Look out for the BB and FB postings.
And finally, on Sunday Neil Grant presents the Vicious Wentwood Weasel (you may have seen a pic of Neil on the race flyer) from Earlswood Village Hall. I daresay you’ve already volunteered to help, bake cakes or run. And I know one or two are down to do all three!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

The Week Ahead 20 Aug 2018

On the track Tuesday for a Timed Pyramid Session.
1 Jog Warm Up and Drills
2 Three Separate Pyramids, each made up of 1Minute Surge/2 Minutes Surge/3 Minutes Surge/2 Minutes Surge/1 Minute Surge; with a 1 Minute Slow Jog Recovery between each surge. So that’s 9 minutes of speed for each of the three Pyramids, totalling 27 minutes of speed. We’ll have 2 minutes rest between each Pyramid. So it’s 1/2/3/2/1 (2 mins Rest). 1/2/3/2/1 (2 mins Rest). 1/2/3/2/1.
3 Warm Down Lap.
4 Stretching.
How fast do you run the surges? We suggest you run the 1 Minute Surges slightly faster than the 2 Minute ones, and those slightly faster than the 3 Minute ones. 
If you did the Club Champs 1 Mile Time Trials, think about doing the 2 Minute surges at your mile pace, and then adjust your 1 and 3 Minutes to suit.
On Thursday we’re doing the 3 Woods Run.
And of course the 45 Minute Guided Run.
For either Thursday run meet in the LC bar at 6.50,

Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Week Ahead 13 Aug 2018

The final Rose Inn Tuesday. There may be still a couple of helper slots to fill as usually happens in August. Please check the thread on the Bulletin Board and put your name down if you can help.
We are on the track this coming Thursday  to do an interval  session of 12 by 1 min efforts and 1 min recoveries. 
The next club championship is a half marathon so:-
This session will involve a good warm up, followed by a lead in of 5 min at half marathon pace, then 12 by 1min faster than half marathon pace  and  1 min half marathon pace recoveries  then 5 min jog cool down.  Total running time 34 min
The session is aimed at Improving Running Efficiency by focusing on the recovery element of the interval. It is a 30 min run at your Half Marathon base pace with 12 x 1 min surges to a hard but sustainable pace whilst being able to return to your half marathon base pace for 1 min in between the surges.  The benefits are gaining awareness of your half marathon pace, increasing the bodies ability to deal with waste products following an effort and improving your running efficiency. ( If you have to walk after an effort you are putting to much effort in!)
And as usual there’ll be the usual Thursday 45 minute Run starting from the LC Bar at 7.

Thursday, 9 August 2018



From Shari -

In an attempt to be more inclusive/mix it up a bit, teams for the Random Run will now be allocated tomorrow night prior to the event starting. 

Therefore, can you please BY NO LATER than 7.10pm organise yourself in one line from fastest to slowest (it doesn't have to be precise) across the castle ground lawn (behind Three Tuns). 

Given this change and to ensure the RR works, can you please make every effort to bring a mobile phone with you for the run. Apologies to those who have already got yourselves organised in advance. 

First team will be leaving at 7.15pm so please no faffing (that's my job!).

Sunday, 5 August 2018

The Week Ahead 6 August 2018

On Tuesday we travel to Cwmbran for the final GLCL Road Race of the series. Meet to share cars at 6.15. See the Captainss’ postings for details.
On Thursday Social Sista Shari is putting on an intriguing new run from the Three Tuns in Bridge Street. Please see her FB and BB postings for instructions about teaming up and the event format.