Saturday, 2 June 2018

Final Handicap Race & Series Results.

The results can be found on the Harriers website, go to the Competition tab, then click on the Handicap link. Or they can be found here.

Firstly sorry it's taken so long to get the results posted.

The reason for the lateness is because unfortunately even after I've mentioned it numerous times in the past, several runner still didn't start at their allotted handicap time. Now runners may think not going off on their allotted time is fine, as I'll get a time anyway, so what's the issue. Well the issue is two fold really, it makes more work for everyone involved in timing and results, and effects the points gained by runners doing the race. So runners lack of consideration, causes others more unnecessary work!

As for incorrect points, this happened again on this race, with the consequence of me reading out incorrect Series details at the presentation. I've now had to tell one of the runners who thought they were second, is in fact third, and another who thought they were second, was fourth. We will also need to swap trophies, and as we purchased extra trophies for what we originally thought were three second placed runners, have now got to change them again, at a cost to the Club.

So handicap start times may seem to some runners "a nice to have", but no real issues if I don't start then, will result in more work for others.


Winge over, and it's my final winge as Handicap organiser.

Thank you to all runners and helper that have participated in what I hope was a successful Series.

This was my final Series as the organiser/handicapper, thanks to everyone for their help and patience over the years I've been doing these tasks, and good luck to my successors, Tim & Lynne Buckley, who I've no doubt what's so ever, will take the Series to the next level.

The Ex Handicapper

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