Sunday, 24 June 2018

The Week Ahead 25 June 2018

Join Coach James on the LC track on Tuesday for a 400m repeat session. You'll be running 8-10 repetitions (10 for groups A-C, 8 for groups D-F) with a 200m jog recovery between reps. 

This session is great for practising technique and pacing as well as speed, so keep in mind what you've learned in recent sessions to run these "rhythm repeats" consistently and with good form. It can be hard to judge 5k pace effectively, so to give you something to aim for, 400m rep times according to 5k times will  be available on the Bulletin Board, Facebook page and at the session if you'd like to use them. 

Timing your repetitions and aiming for consistency is how you'll get the most out of the session, and as a bonus it gives you a benchmark to improve on!

On Wednesday the Club Championship Series takes us up the valleys to Ferndale (nr Blackwood) for the Blade Bladerunner 6.5. Look for the CC Team’s arrangements.

Thursday’s Run is the 3 Woods Loop, while the 45 Minute Guided Run also awaits.

And finally, 50 members have been busy prepping for the Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday. 

bet it’s not too late to squeeze into one of the five teams if Stuart hasn’t yet found replacements for a couple of late dropouts. It’s a marvellous event and should be on the CV of all Harriers: we have a great tradition over all the years of its existence.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Week Ahead 18 June 2018

On Tuesday, Coach Hamish is putting on a timed session, which will introduce (re-introduce?) athletes to Track Strides and how they can be used to improve running form.  

The session comprises 10 minutes of track strides at 5k effort and 20 minutes of track strides at 95% of your 1 mile pace. Each set of Track Strides. will only take about 30 seconds and be followed by a recovery.
The session will finish with an optional fun relay.

Thursday’s Run is along the Gloucestershire Way, with the usual option of the 45 Minute Guided Run.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Week Ahead 11 June 2018

On Tuesday the Club are putting on the second in the 2018 Rose Inn Series. All the best to helpers and runners.

On Thursday, join Coach James for a speed endurance session at the LC track, ‘up the clock’. The session is 11 repetitions, the first being 200m with 200m jog recovery. The track is marked so that each repetition will then increase by 10m, with a 10m decrease in the recovery distance. To test your pacing, you should aim for a 2 second time increase for each rep. It’s a great session for building mental toughness as the longer reps and shorter recoveries build!

Remember, this is about speed endurance and consistent pacing, so while you can go a little faster than your 5k pace, you shouldn’t be going flat out. It’s a good one to run in small groups of 3-4, so it will help on the night if you familiarise yourself with the pace groups on the training section of the website if you haven’t already. Please bring a watch so you can time the reps.

The continuous run is down to Beachley and back. Or slower runners can join the 45 Minute Guide Run.

All Thursday choices start at 7pm.

On Saturday try the Coity Fell Race at the Whistle Inn just up the hill from Blaenavon. It’s the next one in our Club Fell Series. A ‘B’ Class Short Race which means that under normal conditions the Organiser won’t expect you to wear or carry any special kit. But, in bad weather the Organiser can insist on your wearing/carrying wind-proof body cover (eg cagoule, running bottoms, hat and gloves). So it’s good practice to bring these with you whenever you set off for a fell race just in case.

And finally, on Sunday morning the Club are putting on a new 10k road race based at the Beachley camp. Designed for faster runners, read about it on our website under Our Races. Race Organiser James Blore is still needing marshals and other helpers. He’d be delighted to hear from you.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Week Ahead 4 June 2018

On Tuesday we’re off to Ystrad Mynach for the next GLCL Road Race. A nice traffic-free course. Meet at our Leis Ctre at 5.45 to share cars.
On Thursday Coach Kevin is putting on a Field Circuits session based on a continuous steady-pace run with bursts of speed on the whistle.
Or you can join in the beginners’ 45 Minute Guided Run, also setting off at 7pm on Thursday.
And finally, at the weekend we’re joining in the Welsh Castles Relay, leaving Caernarfon Castle Saturday morning, and arriving at Cardiff Castle on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Final Handicap Race & Series Results.

The results can be found on the Harriers website, go to the Competition tab, then click on the Handicap link. Or they can be found here.

Firstly sorry it's taken so long to get the results posted.

The reason for the lateness is because unfortunately even after I've mentioned it numerous times in the past, several runner still didn't start at their allotted handicap time. Now runners may think not going off on their allotted time is fine, as I'll get a time anyway, so what's the issue. Well the issue is two fold really, it makes more work for everyone involved in timing and results, and effects the points gained by runners doing the race. So runners lack of consideration, causes others more unnecessary work!

As for incorrect points, this happened again on this race, with the consequence of me reading out incorrect Series details at the presentation. I've now had to tell one of the runners who thought they were second, is in fact third, and another who thought they were second, was fourth. We will also need to swap trophies, and as we purchased extra trophies for what we originally thought were three second placed runners, have now got to change them again, at a cost to the Club.

So handicap start times may seem to some runners "a nice to have", but no real issues if I don't start then, will result in more work for others.


Winge over, and it's my final winge as Handicap organiser.

Thank you to all runners and helper that have participated in what I hope was a successful Series.

This was my final Series as the organiser/handicapper, thanks to everyone for their help and patience over the years I've been doing these tasks, and good luck to my successors, Tim & Lynne Buckley, who I've no doubt what's so ever, will take the Series to the next level.

The Ex Handicapper