Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Week Ahead 16 April 2018

Tuesday’s Track work is an Out-and-Back time-based speed endurance session.

Meet on the Leis Ctre track ready to start the warm-up at 6.55.

On Thursday we meet at the Severn Bridge Club at 6.55 for the Smartphone Treasure Hunt. You can run in groups as long as one group member has a smartphone to download the app. You will be issued with a simple road map of Chepstow. Suitable for all abilities. And of course cake and coffee/tea in a nearby cafe afterwards. But you must register beforehand on our Bulletin Board.


  1. Is Tuesday's session all on the track - or does it go somewhere?

  2. Ms Anonymous has since revealed her identity. She said she didn’t know the password to post under her name. You can get over this by just putting your name at the end of the comment.
    I can now reply. The session is all on the track.