Monday, 23 April 2018

Handicap Series 2018 Race 2 Thursday 26th April Handicap Times

The handicaps for the second handicap race on Thursday 26th April are here

They can also be found on the Competition/Handicap tab of the Harriers website.

If you haven't been given a handicap for this race, but would like one, which I very much hope you do, please email me with a legitimate time you think you can run the course. Or, look at the handicap list, and choose someone who runs at a similar speed to you, then email me the name and I'll add you to the handicap list.

The email address to use is

Please note, if I have to allocate you a handicap time using any of the two methods mentioned above, you CAN NOT win this handicap race.

For anyone that hasn't run the Handicap course, or would like to run it outside the Handicap race pressure just to see what's it's like, but still get the "feel" of the Handicap Series, there will be a Harrier available to run it with a group of you at the pace of the slowest runner, this may well include walking in places, but no one will be left behind. This will start at 18:30, please use the email address below if you would like to be part of this group.

The email address to use is

I'm also looking for helpers, a couple for start/finish duties, car parkers, and a couple of others for other duties, as well as bakers to bake for around 50 people. If you can help me in any way, please notify me using the email address above.

Share cars if possible as parking is tight.

The Handicapper.

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  1. Don’t forget there’s a guided run round for the 45 minute squad leaving at 6.30.