Friday, 27 April 2018

Handicap 26042018 Results

Evening All.

Handicap 26042018 Provisional Results are now Final and are here

Again sorry they've taken so long to produce, and unfortunately any errors found now won't be corrected.

They can also be found on the Competition/ Handicap tab of the Harriers website.


Firstly, sorry the results have been so long before availability, I'd forgotten how much longer they take to produce using the old stop watch/ token method. This method is also more liable to error, another reason they've been longer before production.

I encountered some challenges with start/finish times, and runner positions. I've amended two I was aware of, Amy's and Phil's, which you will see in green.

Please can you check the results and let me know of any error you are aware of, I'm not really concerned about your times being a few seconds out, what I need to know is if your times are incorrect enough to alter your position in the race, or if your position is just wrong. In these cases, your race points will be incorrect and may impact your Series total.

If you do see an error, email me on with the error and if possible solution.


The Handicapper

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