Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Week Ahead 30 April 2018

Off to Parc Bryn Bach just off the Heads of the Valleys A465 on Tuesday for the first GLCL 6 Mile Road Race of the summer series. Be at our Leis Ctre ready to leave at 5.30. Hopefully you’ll have time to stay after for the presentation of the Cross Country League trophies.

On Thursday we’re doing the Gloucestershire Way Run.

For the  newer runners we have the 45 Minute Guided Run, also leaving at 7pm Thursday.

And finally - on Saturday on the heights above Pontypool, we have the bonus Club Champs Steam Bunny Fell Race. Watch out for meeting time details from the CC Team.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

2018 Newport Marathon

Good luck to all the Harriers running tomorrow, have a good one.

Mike & Den

Friday, 27 April 2018

Handicap 26042018 Results

Evening All.

Handicap 26042018 Provisional Results are now Final and are here

Again sorry they've taken so long to produce, and unfortunately any errors found now won't be corrected.

They can also be found on the Competition/ Handicap tab of the Harriers website.


Firstly, sorry the results have been so long before availability, I'd forgotten how much longer they take to produce using the old stop watch/ token method. This method is also more liable to error, another reason they've been longer before production.

I encountered some challenges with start/finish times, and runner positions. I've amended two I was aware of, Amy's and Phil's, which you will see in green.

Please can you check the results and let me know of any error you are aware of, I'm not really concerned about your times being a few seconds out, what I need to know is if your times are incorrect enough to alter your position in the race, or if your position is just wrong. In these cases, your race points will be incorrect and may impact your Series total.

If you do see an error, email me on with the error and if possible solution.


The Handicapper

Sunday Marathon Help Needed

With apologies for the ridiculously short notice of this request, I’ve been contacted by the organisers of this Sunday’s Newport Marathon to say that they’ve had a team of volunteers drop out and are in desperate need. 

They are looking for 5-7 volunteers to man the water station in Magor from 8.30 to approximately 12 o’clock.  Minimum age for volunteers is 14,  I’ve attached a briefing note with all the details on it.  Would you be able to push this request out through your network please?

On the day Magor Square will have a cheer station and should be a really buzzy place to be with a great atmosphere – and the runners will obviously really appreciate the support from the volunteers.

If there is anybody who is interested could you ask them to contact Marina Schaefer from Run4Wales on 02921 660790 or email (preferably copying me in so that I can keep track if where we’re at with numbers).

Thanks in advance for your support,


Judith Langdon
Community and Partnership Development Lead /
Swyddog Arweiniol Datblygu Cymunedau a Phartneriaethau
Monmouthshire County Council/Cyngor Sir Fynwy

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

2018 Handicap Update # 4

Handicap Race 2 Thursday 26th April 2018 Reminders.

Please share cars if at all possible, parking will be tight, and it's unlikely we'll have our chief car parker present, as he's incapacitated at present, and I've had no one else come forward to help, meaning it will be every man/woman for themselves. So, it's YOUR responsibility to make sure when you park, you don't block other non Harriers getting out, as this could lead to complaints, and the possibility of NRW refusing us permission to use the woods for the handicap races in the future.

Bring along a cup/mug if you want a hot drink, as we will only supply thin plastic cups for water, which are no good for hot liquids.

We weren't very good at the start at the last handicap race, lots of runner went off before/after their scheduled handicap start time, which could influence there race/series points totals. Remember YOU are responsible for knowing your start time, and getting close to the start line in time to start not the helpers. You should be close enough to hear the start helpers call your name ready to come forward to the start line. Let's do it better this time please.

Well that's all my moaning done.

Please note.

We are going retro for this race, we will be using the stop watch/token method for times and results, just like a Parkrun. This means basic results will be available after the race, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a day or two for the full blown results service.

Looking forward to seeing lots of runners tomorrow.

The Handicapper.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Handicap Series 2018 Race 2 Thursday 26th April Handicap Times

The handicaps for the second handicap race on Thursday 26th April are here

They can also be found on the Competition/Handicap tab of the Harriers website.

If you haven't been given a handicap for this race, but would like one, which I very much hope you do, please email me with a legitimate time you think you can run the course. Or, look at the handicap list, and choose someone who runs at a similar speed to you, then email me the name and I'll add you to the handicap list.

The email address to use is

Please note, if I have to allocate you a handicap time using any of the two methods mentioned above, you CAN NOT win this handicap race.

For anyone that hasn't run the Handicap course, or would like to run it outside the Handicap race pressure just to see what's it's like, but still get the "feel" of the Handicap Series, there will be a Harrier available to run it with a group of you at the pace of the slowest runner, this may well include walking in places, but no one will be left behind. This will start at 18:30, please use the email address below if you would like to be part of this group.

The email address to use is

I'm also looking for helpers, a couple for start/finish duties, car parkers, and a couple of others for other duties, as well as bakers to bake for around 50 people. If you can help me in any way, please notify me using the email address above.

Share cars if possible as parking is tight.

The Handicapper.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Week Ahead 23 April 2018

Up on the LC Track Tuesday for Coach Kevin’s renowned 300/100 session.
And Thursday it’s the second Handicap of the season. See the usual website page for your start time. So exciting!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

London Marathon 2018

Good luck to all the Chepstow Harriers that are running tomorrow, have a good one.

Mike & Den.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

The Week Ahead 16 April 2018

Tuesday’s Track work is an Out-and-Back time-based speed endurance session.

Meet on the Leis Ctre track ready to start the warm-up at 6.55.

On Thursday we meet at the Severn Bridge Club at 6.55 for the Smartphone Treasure Hunt. You can run in groups as long as one group member has a smartphone to download the app. You will be issued with a simple road map of Chepstow. Suitable for all abilities. And of course cake and coffee/tea in a nearby cafe afterwards. But you must register beforehand on our Bulletin Board.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

2018 Handicap Race #1 Results

The results can be found on the Competition/Handicap page of the Club website, or here

We had some issues with missed starting times at the race, causing the Timing Marshals some problems. We will be looking at ways to improve the starting process at the next race, more information will follow.

Thanks for attending.

The Handicapper.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

The Week Ahead 9 April 2018

On Tuesday we hie ourselves to Chepstow Park Wood for the first of this year’s Club Handicap Events. Details have been posted by Organiser Mike on the Blog before this one.
Thursday’s Run is along the Wye Valley Walk from the Leis Centre. Please continue to wear your hi-vis top for returning along the roads while dusk is still quite early.
The alternative 45 minute run together for beginners/slower runners is led this Thursday by Julia. Hi-vis of course also essential.
And finally - we’re staging the renowned Offa’s Orror on Sunday. All the best to helpers and runners.

2018 Handicap Update #3

You may or may not know, but or Club is trying to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. To help with this aim, we WON'T be supplying cardboard cups for the hot drinks on this years Handicap races, we will be supplying the hot drinks, so if you want one, please bring along your own cup/mug.

We will have cups for the water, as we already have them, but take it from me, they are no good for hot drinks.

The Handicapper.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

2018 Handicap Update #2

If you didn't do the February Club Champs race(s), you haven't got a handicap time yet, if you want one, let me know either a time you can run the Handicap course in, or the name of a person roughly the same pace as you who has got a handicap time, and I'll put you down with them. With either of these methods, please be aware you can't "win" this race. The email address to let me know is

Please could I ask for helpers if you don't intend to run, for the people who have already offered to help, you don't need to contact me again. Jobs include give out/take back race numbers, runner start/finish/herders, car parking. For all helpers, please could you be at Chepstow Park Woods at 18:30.

As parking is always difficult, if you can share lifts that would be a great help, thank you in advance.

Daphne's going off earlier as we want her to be part of the "race", and allow later runners to finish earlier in the evening, all other runners handicaps are calculated from 19:00.

I've still had no one come forward to take over the Handicap Series when I finish in May this year.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Week Ahead 1 April 2018

Back on the Leisure Ctre field on Tuesday now Spring is here😀 If the track hasn’t been marked out, we’ll flag out a 400 metre circuit for a Paarlauf session led by James. So think about who you’re going to pair up with.
With daylight being in such short supply at the moment we’ll meet up on the field. Start warming up before 7, so we can make a prompt start.
Thursday’s run is the Three Woods. Still need to wear hi-viz as we’ll be on the roads towards the end.
And Niki will be leading the 45 minute together run.