Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Week Ahead 26 Feb 2018

On Tuesday work on your speed and speed endurance with 400m repetitions on the Severn Bridge. 8-10 repetitions with a jog recovery. Meet at the 5k time trial start at 7.20. Ensure you get a good warm-up on the way there.

Thursday’s Run is down to Beachley and back via the Wyebank estate.

Or follow Jane Horler on the 45 Minute Together Run.

And finally - the last Gwent League  cross country of  the season just over the S Bridge at Bristol’s Blaise Castle. Watch for the Captains’ posting for meeting times.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Week Ahead 19 Feb 2018

Tuesdays training is a Clockwise Danes loop speed endurance training session. Duration 30 mins or a max of 6 continuous loops with active recoveries.
Starting from the corner of Kingsmark Ave go down the hill in a fast but controlled manner then use a good hard effort up Huntfield Rd to the junction at Kingsmark Lane. 
Recovery is a jog/walk along Kingsmark Lane back to the corner with Kingsmark Avenue . Recovery time is an important part of this session so take about half of the time that it took to run up Huntfield Rd, OR check that your heart rate has lowered to about 70/75% of maximum before starting again.
On Thursday it’s time for the monthly 5k Time Trial on the Severn Bridge. Meet at LC at usual time to jog down for the 7.30 start.
As always we need three good souls to volunteer to time and record the runners, as well as the honoured human bollard: someone who’s eager to go down in CH history. And of course share in the chocolate reward tin.
I’m told our illustrious Chair is leading the 45 Minute Together Run. Def one for the annals!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Week Ahead 12 Feb 2018

On Tuesday meet at the LC at the usual time, and then follow MC Stuart Penny and the crowd to Meadow Walk for the hill session we first did 5 weeks ago.

On Thursday meet at the LC as usual for  MC Paul Lidgett to send you on a run up past the Hospital, down the Link Rd, across the Severn Bridge and back. A good ten miles but make it shorter by turning back at one of the towers.

Or follow Dave Andrews on the 45minute Together Run.

And finally - come down to Wetherspoons after the run Thursday for a chat, a drink and an optional curry.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Week Ahead 5 Feb 2018

On Tuesday make your way to the car park at the Old Ferry Inn at Beachley. Coaches Kevin and Danni need you ready to start at 7.20. It’s the Coachhouse Road session round a flat tarmac loop.

Thursday’s Run is out to Shirenewton and down to Crick. For a shorter run turn back at Shirenewton. MC Tom will sort you into your pace group.

Or on Thursday follow Kim on the 45 minute Run Together.

And finally - On Sunday the next Gwent League Cross Country is round the historic Pontypool Park. Challenging and scenic. Watch out for the Captains’ carshare directions.