Monday, 29 January 2018

The Week Ahead 29 January 2018

On Tuesday join in the 20 minutes out, 20 mins back down the Link Road and across the Severn Bridge. Coach James will be waiting at the top of the Link Road to set you off from about 7.10. Take care crossing the road onto and back off the Bridge path.
Thursday’s jaunt is along past the racecourse to St Arvans, up the A466 to the Wyndcliff turnoff, then over the stile by the car park onto the track to Porthcasseg Farm, left down to the road, and left again on the Penterry Hill lane back down to St Arvans. Torches a must.
As usual the 45 minute Run Together will leave at 7, led this time by Anne Jenner.
And finally - the next GLCL cross country will start at 11 on Sunday on the old railway track behind Usk College. Follow the Captains’ guidance for meeting times etc.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

The Week Ahead 22 January 2018

This Tuesday sees a return of the popular Thornwell Loop
The loop is about 1400m so a good distance for building distance endurance.
So meet at the leisure centre at 7 from where MC Syd will direct you, or come straight to the venue and do a warm up lap .
The training will start promptly at 7:25 from opposite Tesco.
Coach Sue is looking forward to seeing you all.
Thursday’s Run is the Shirenewton Run. Listen closely to Al when he sorts you into Pace Groups, while the 45 minute Run Together will be led by Lou Crockett.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Week Ahead 15 January 2018

Training this Tuesday is a Clockwise Danes Loop  speed endurance training session. 30 minutes or a max of 6 loops with active recoveries.
Starting from the corner of Kingsmark Ave and Lane, run down the hill in a fast but controlled manner, then use a good hard effort up Huntfield Road to the junction at Kingsmark Lane. 
Recovery is a jog/walk along the top of Kingsmark Lane back to the corner. It is important to take about half of the time that it took to run your effort up Huntfield.Rd. OR check that your heart rate has lowered to about 75% of maximum before starting again.
Thursday’s run is the monthly 5k time trial on the Severn Bridge. Jog down from the LC at 7 for the 7.30 start. Or if you drive down, make sure you put in a full warm-up including drills.

So far we’ve had no offers of help to time, record or bollard, without which.the run won’t happen.

Niki Morgan has kindly volunteered to lead the 45 minute Run Together from the LC at 7.

And finally,  don’t forget our monthly visit to Curry Night at Spoons after.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Week Ahead 8 January 2018

Tuesday's session is Coach James's new one held over from that icy night before Christmas. MC Niki will direct you to Meadow Walk by leading you up the alley opposite the Leis Ctre exit, left down Kingsmark Ave, 4th right up Deans Hill, then first right to where James will be waiting to start you off at 7.10.

Thursday's tempo run is the Tour of the Town or you can follow Jenni on the 45 Minute Stay Together Run.

Our new C25K starts on Thursday at 6.15 from Thornwell Homebase under Geoff's supervision.

And finally, are you ready for the first Club Champs race of 2018, the Rough and Tumble on Sunday in deepest Wilshire. Our new CC team of Steve Owen, Niki Morgan and Andy Creber will doubtless be promoting car sharing from the LC/

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Week Ahead 1 January 2018

Coach Carol sets the tone for the New Year on Tuesday with a new session at the Inner Loop on the way down to Beachley. Regulars will remember we’ve done sessions here in the past round this quiet housing estate. To get there, pass the Sedbury shops and descending the hill, the road bends sharp right leading upwards to Buttington Tump; Loop Road is the first on the left. You’ll find us a few hundred metres along parked up on the left. It’s maybe about the same distance from the Leis Ctre as Thornwell, so we’ll aim to start running at 7.25. Certainly time enough for a warm-up jog down, if MC Dick Finch does his job and gets us moving.
We’ll be doing 6-8 bursts of about 600 metres with a jog recovery.

Thursday’s tempo run is along past the racecourse to St Arvans, up to the Wyndcliff, and along the farm track to Porthcasseg. Left down to the road, left again up to Penterry Hill, and back down to St Arvans and home. MC Paul Lidgett will sort us into Pace Groups and set us off. He’ll also get the 45 minute Run Together mob moving

An annual tradition for the Club is the winter Kymin Fell Race starting at 2pm Saturday from the Monmouth Boys School sports centre (just past Lidls). Only a fiver, enter on the day,  a quick 3 miles up and down the hill where we take on Les Croupiers in a mob match.

And finally -  on Sunday morn at 11, the next GLCL cross country at the Humble By Nature farm at Penallt, on the stop road to Monmouth. It’s very important that we share cars, as parking is extremely limited. See the Bulletin Board for details.