Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Week Ahead 11 Dec 2017

On Tuesday new coach James Tucker is making his debut in a session of his own devising. Meadow Walk is a hill session in the Danes. To get there, you run up the alley opposite the Leis Ctre exit, and then left down St Kingsmark Ave, taking the fourth right up Dean’s Hill, then right into Meadow Walk. James will be waiting there at 7.10 to tell you all about the session. 
Thursday’s treat is the annual visit to Neal and Clare’s place at Hayesgate for the fancy dress run and supper. All Club members are welcome, but make sure Neil and Clare know you’re coming, via the Bulletin Board.
Arrive at Hayesgate on the right just off the A48 before St. Pierre (coming from Chep)for 19:00 briefing.Park leaving road access for milk tanker, space around the back too.Tasty Food after including soup, rolls and drinks.
And finally - the Dec Club Champs race and final Club Fell Series race is Andy Creber’s Skirrid Race on Saturday at Llanvihangell Crucorny just north of Abergavenny on the Hereford road. Only 5.7km/450m climb, the Skirrid is suitable for fell running beginners, but have a talk with Andy or another experienced fell runner about clothing and shoes.
£5 entry on the day from 12.30, race starts at 2, a few hundred metres from Race HQ at the Skirrid Inn. Loads of prizes and hot food after.


  1. As at Monday afternoon, Meadow Walk is not suitable for running on. We may have to find another location if no improvent by Tuesday evening.
    For example we’ve used the Leis Ctre field in similar circumstances.
    Whatever we end up doing, come to the LC bar as usual for a good club session.

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  3. Hopefully we can do Meadow Walk again,thanks James for Tuesday's training