Sunday, 20 August 2017

The week ahead 21st August

Tuesday's track session is a fartlek round the track. Runners will circle the track at a steady pace until the coach blows the whistle to signal an increase of pace for a number of seconds that is planned by the coach but is not known by the runners. Sounds hard, but we did it a couple of months ago with everyone surviving and indeed some even enjoying it!

You can be sure the the time spend running fast is always less than that doing the steady pace.

Thursday's run takes us across Piercefield Park, over the fields to Porthcasseg Farm, down to the road and up to Gaer Hill mast. Those wanting a long run can run over the fields to Pen y Parc on the St Arvans/Devauden road, and return via Trellech Grange. Otherwise turn left before then and return via St Arvans.

As always we also have the usual 45 minute steady out-and-back run option.

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