Tuesday, 29 August 2017

: The week ahead 28 August 2017

Tuesday's track session is 4 sets of 400/200/200 with 200 slow jog recovery, and 2 mins between sets.
Thursday's Club run is the Wye Valley Walk, or the standard 45 minute out-and-back guided run.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

The week ahead 21st August

Tuesday's track session is a fartlek round the track. Runners will circle the track at a steady pace until the coach blows the whistle to signal an increase of pace for a number of seconds that is planned by the coach but is not known by the runners. Sounds hard, but we did it a couple of months ago with everyone surviving and indeed some even enjoying it!

You can be sure the the time spend running fast is always less than that doing the steady pace.

Thursday's run takes us across Piercefield Park, over the fields to Porthcasseg Farm, down to the road and up to Gaer Hill mast. Those wanting a long run can run over the fields to Pen y Parc on the St Arvans/Devauden road, and return via Trellech Grange. Otherwise turn left before then and return via St Arvans.

As always we also have the usual 45 minute steady out-and-back run option.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

The week ahead 14th August

Thank you to Kevin who is our Coach for training on Tuesday. A pyramid session run in time to help develop speed endurance.

On Thursday there is the club social run, The Gloucester Way. 
The 45 min out and back Guided Run. Run at the pace of the slowest.  For the slow runner, anyone not yet quick or strong enough, or someone recovering from injury.
On Saturday there is the the next race in the Fell series, the Four Fans.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Thursday 10th August 2017 45 minute run

Evening all

I'm leading the run, so just a quick note to those that are joining me, the run will be on the road, well the path hopefully, so wear your road shoes.


Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Week Ahead 7 August 2017

 The final Rose Inn on Tuesday, and the organising team would like to thank all who helped over the Summer.
Thursday's run takes in Sedbury Lane, the Diving Centre, Tidenham Churchyard, across the fields to Boughspring, and back down Offa's Dyke path and the Coleford road.
The usual 45 minute guided run is also on the menu.
And as usual when we can't put on a track session on the Tuesday, there will be an Up the Clock session.