Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Week Ahead 24 July 2017

Tuesday's training is Kevin's Piggies Hill session. Meet as usual in the LC bar and jog together to the park.

And Thursday brings a new venture. Denise is organising a competition on the Severn Bridge followed by refreshments at the Thornwell Football Club. It's a 5k run on the downstream side of the Severn Bridge (as opposed to the upstream side where we do the 5k Time Trial).The twist? You have to predict your finish time and the winner is the one who gets nearest to their prediction.

Be down at the Bridge by 6.50 to do the prediction and fix on your timing chip.

And finally - we're putting on the Magor 10k on Sunday at 10am from Undy church hall. Race is full but check with Al Dobbs and Lou Crockett if you're helping.


  1. The website and the BB both say Saturday.

  2. Where is piggys hill. ? Thanks

  3. Sorry, Saturday of course.
    And sorry to Lynx - too late to tell you where Piggys is (or are). Hope you went and had a good session.

  4. I rather suspect we'll have some turn up on Sunday. Hope it's none of he helpers!