Sunday, 7 May 2017

Handicap Update #6

I'm sure you've seen the Rack Raid posts, but now the details you've all been waiting for, the Handicap times for the next race, which is next Thursday, 11th May 2017๐Ÿ‘.

The times can be found at the usual place, get your moans in quickly please, as it gives The Handicapper plenty of time to ignore them๐Ÿ˜‚.

So far I've had offers of help from Barry, Karen and Gareth, I'm looking for more helpers please. Can you let me know if your in a position to help with the race, thank you.

As always, arrive early to pick up your Handicap number, which now includes chip timing, enabling us to get the race results quicker and more in depth. Please look after the numbers during the evening, and make sure I get them back.

Share lifts, as parking is tight, so if you wish to leave early, park at Fedw Woods, or let the person organising the parking know, so you won't get blocked in.

The first runner off will be at 19:00.

Just a quick reminder on a point I made in a previous Handicap Update, that next years Handicap Series will be my last as the organiser. As of this moment, I've had no offer from anyone to look at how it's organised, with a view of taking the organisation on when I've finished. So please be aware that after the last Handicap race next year, I'll be walking away from its organisation, whether anyone has come forward to take over its organisation, or not.

See you all at Chepstow Park Woods on Thursday, The Handicapper.

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