Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Week Ahead 3 April 2017

Be up on the Leisure Centre track Tuesday for a Pyramid Session led by Rich Milliken.

All track sessions will be in three parts (like Gaul I hear) - warmup/drills; the running bit; and the warm down with your group.

Thursday's run is the 2 woods. You still need your hi-viz top remember for a couple more weeks as you will prob have to emerge on to the road before you finish your run.


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  2. I forgot to mention our.regular Beachley track session on Thursday which will go ahead as usual, tho' someone did say to me why do we traipse all that way when the LC track is now marked out?
    I've just had a look at the LC track and it looks much the same as previous years except the grass is maybe 3 inches long. But the Beachley regulars are fond of the shale track despite the holes and weeds (which a working party will be attacking next Monday eve).
    So unless the regulars say otherwise I'll be down at Beachley at 7 on Thursday 😊

  3. Also Thursday will be the first guided run for beginners/new members/those returning from injury/those wishing to run with a guide :)