Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Week Ahead 10 April 2017

At last the waiting's over! Mr Evans's first Handicap of 2017 starts at 6.45 on Tuesday in Chepstow Park Wood. Parking is even tighter than ever this year now those nice Forestry folk have built a bank round the edges of the parking area. So please share cars and be prepared to park in Fedw Wood, on the right coming from Chep before you reach the Cot turnoff.
Your Handicap time should be listed on the Handicap page, but may not be there if you haven't renewed your membership.
There's a track session on the LC field Thursday followed by some frolics from the Social Sistas lol.
Also on Thursday Geoff Bayliss will lead a guided 45 min out and back easy run for those interested. It will be at the pace of the slowest. Meet on the LC field at 7:00.
Remember this week gives you two opportunities to garner Club Champs points: the Tuesday Handicap is one, and Saturday's Lydney park run is the other. Oh it's all too much...

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