Thursday, 30 March 2017

Handicap Update #1

Hopefully I'll get the handicap times for the first race on Tuesday 11th April, published a week before the race, this will give you all a full 7 days to moan to me that your times are wrong😉.

I've based the handicap times on the following:-
Fastest Lydney Parkrun time of 2017 (not including Saturday 8th April) plus a fiddle factor.
If you haven't done one of these Parkruns, it's based on a comparison of your fastest 2017 Severn Bridge Time Trial time, with someone who has done the Parkrun, and whose fastest Time Trial time is as closely matched as yours, plus the fiddle factor.
If neither of the above is possible, it's based on a 2017 Club Champs race time comparison, plus the fiddle factor (if needed).
And finally if a time still isn't possible, I made it up😁.

An explanation on the Handicap rules and regulations can be found from the link at the bottom of the Handicap page, which can be reached from the Competition tab of the Harriers website.

Please be aware that if you haven't joined the Club, and your name isn't on the Members list, you want be allocated a Handicap race number, and no number, means you can't run the Handicap races😞.

I'm still looking for help for the first race:-
2 parking attendants
3 start/finish helpers
If you can help please let me know.

And finally, I'll be organising the Handicap series for the rest of 2017, and again for 2018. I will then stand down, and hand over to someone else to organise them from 2019. If you would like to be that person, please see me for more information on what's required in its organisation.

Your Handicapper.


  1. I hope the fiddle factor takes into account that I'm dead slow at any distance longer than 5.1km and gradient bigger than 1-100. My 5k time bears no relation to a hilly 5 miles!

  2. I won't have any of those times as I have not run for the club in 2017 as I am living in Qatar. However, I did one handicap last year, the first one I think so you have a time from that. I will only be able to do the first one as I am just back over the Easter holidays. Thanks Doug Briggs

    1. Cheers Doug, will sort that out for you. It will be good to see you there, if only for the one race.


  3. Think I'll get my moan in first.
    Look, you've put me as the same time as James Blore, and he's what like half my age and 'waaaayy' faster. And of course my gammy leg from the war is playing up so I'll be lucky f I just hobble round. Pleeeeaaase take pity on my poor old worn out body! (There's an 8.5% beer in a tall glass in it for you).

    1. 😱, and you should know better😉. And I don't drink any beer under 10%, actually now progressing nicely to 12%😜🍺.