Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Week Ahead 6 February 2017

Tuesday's session is the paarlauf at Beech Grove - just opposite the Athletic Club in Bulwark.

Sort yourself out a partner of similar speed

You'll have read about the Sista's tour of Chepstow pubs on Thursday. Be at the LC at the normal time.

I'll be down at the Beachley track at 7 for any of the juniors (and grownups) looking for a speed session.

And finally - you should have seen the Captains' communication about the Gwent Lg XC at the Glebelands, Newport. Come and run and make history..


  1. I think 15 min on; 3min off (but jog !) then 15 min on: would be better !

  2. Thanks Anon - all constructive comments welcome.

  3. Chips yes. Bread no. Sausages yes !