Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Week Ahead 30 January 2017

It''s the jolly hills of Steep Street on Tuesday. 6 long hills alternating with 6 short. Starting at Merricks the chemist.

The Hayesgate run on Thursday OR come down to the Beachley track for a speed session starting at 7. Some runners wear trail shoes especially if it's been raining.

And finally - on Sunday the next Leisure Centre League at Usk College, just out of Usk town on the road to Little Mill/Pontypool.

Starts at 11. Meet at our Leisure Ctre to leave at 9.30..


  1. People get a lot of stick for usin' apostrophes incorrectly Coachy.... but ain't ever seen someone use two like that before.

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  3. So Anonymouse, you don't mind my leaving one out of Merricks?