Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Young and/or Fast Runners Wanted

This email from Cardiff Met Uni just received:

Thank you for circulating my previous email, our research project investigating how the nervous system regulates the function of the heart and blood vessels has been progressing steadily. However, we are still currently recruiting for young (18-30 years old) male endurance runners who complete >30miles of running per week. Additionally, we would like to recruit participants who have achieved the times outlined below in the past year:
5km - <17.00 minutes
10km - <34.00 minutes
HM - <75.00 minutes

I have spoken with my supervisory team and we are willing to conduct a series of treadmill-based exercise tests to quantify the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) of several runners from Chepstow Harriers, free of charge, on the condition that a number of them complete the research project outlined above. The precise numbers can be negotiated, but clearly the more members who volunteer for our research, the more VO2max tests we would be able to offer. In principle, to make this service mutually beneficial, we would need at least five of your runners who fit the above specification to complete the full research project. I hope you can understand that for us to offer this weekend of testing for free, which would normally cost £150-£200 per participant, per test, we would like to get some really interesting data about cardiovascular function in these elite level runners.

Please let me know if you think your running club would be interested in such an arrangement. Please also feel free to contact me on 07807011855 if you would like to discuss further details of the research project or exercise testing.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,

Jack Talbot

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