Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Week Ahead 3 October 2016

Coach Berna takes over this month.

On Tuesday it's down to Thornwell for the traditional Loops that the suburb is so deservedly noted for.

Make sure you're well warmed up for the start at 7.20. We start by the phone box opposite the chip shop, which I'm afraid is strictly out of bounds until after the session. (Constable Pete Lod of the Thornwell  beat has promised to keep an eye out for us.)

Thursday's run is across the Severn Bridge on the upstream side and back along the other side - a good 10 miler. Those looking for a shorter run should aim to turn round at the far tower.

And finally, the October Club Championship is Sunday's Mendip Muddle. A tough but picturesque off-roader (mainly).


  1. Good venue for Tuesdays session but dis-organised with people running with groups different to their usual ability.

  2. That's because many had raced at the weekend. Pace yourself according to the pace chart for your group, not those running with you, and you'll be fine.