Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Week Ahead 27 June 2016

You'll have seen the email about Tuesday's event - the next Club Champs race just over the Bridge, the Aztec West 5k. Enter on the night.

A choice on Thursday: The Wye Valley Walk, Eagles Nest, Porthcasseg, Gaer Hill and ever onwards, with plenty of opportunities along the way to head back.

OR the ever popular Windmill Hill session over in Tutshill. 2 sets of 10  one minute up/one minute downs.

And finally, still time to sign up for our annual club trip on Saturday (leave at 10) to the seaside at Charmouth. An optional 8 mile rugged hill race up on the cliffs, or a shortened fun run. Loads of food and drink after. Only £20 for adults, £5 for school children, pre-school free. Friends and neighbours welcome.


  1. Thursday alternative 'session' is likely to be re-located. Cow's currently in the Windmill field. So my thoughts are to re-locate to Piercefield park for a similar session. To be confirmed on the night.

  2. The windmill hill session tonight. What's the actual street called to drive too. Thanks