Monday, 30 May 2016

The Week Ahead 30 May 2016

On Tuesday we trot over to Piercefield Park for some speedplay on a gently undulating circuit.

We all start jogging together until we hear the coach's whistle, whereupon we increase the pace to a 10k race pace. After a measured time that only the coach will know, he/she will blow the whistle to signal a return to a jog.

We carry on in this jolly fashion with varying times between whistles for 30 minutes, and then a welcome rest for two minutes.

Then ... we do it again for just 20 minutes in the second spell.

Something different that we hope will be efficacious but enjoyable!

Thursday's run will be the St Pierre and Mathern run.

And finally, the relay season arrives with the Welsh Castles on Saturday/Sunday, and the Rack Raid on Sunday. Good luck and a happy weekend to all our runners.

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  1. Tuesday's session is different to what's advertised on the Calendar!