Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Week Ahead 28 March 2016

Your last chance to post a good 5k time this season at the Severn Bridge Time Trial on Tuesday at 7.30. Plenty of time for a jog down from the Leisure Centre at 7.

And finally, it's the Mathern run on Thursday.

Keep those reflective tops on for a few more weeks yet, but at least there's some daylight left for the start of training.

Help Required - Bridge Time Trial Tuesday 29th March

I'm looking for one or two helpers for this Tuesday's Time Trial, I've got Paul doing the timing, but could do with someone to help him, and one other to be the "prestigious" turn around bollard on the Bridge.
Please contact me if you can help.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Lydney Away Run Thursday 24th Update

Thanks to all runners and helpers that turned up for the run last night, weather wasn't very nice, course I hope was OK as was the organisation. If not, surely the coffee and cake made up for it.
I'm willing to organise another run if you want, or perhaps do the same routes as last night, but in the lighter nights, you could then see where you ran.

Thanks again.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lydney Away Run Thursday 24th March

Park at Norchard Car Park, home of the Dean Forest Steam Railway, park at the far end of the car park.

Directions to car park:-

From Chepstow:- drive into Lydney (don't take Bypass), after going over the railway crossing,
take the first turning on the left, signposted Parkend, the turn is opposite The Swan pub on
the right. Follow this road for around half a mile, and the car park is on the left.

From anywhere else, just look for The Swan pub in Lydney, and take the road directly opposite. Then follow the road for around half a mile, and the car park is on the left.

Two routes, 5K and 10K, everyone does the same 5K, 10K route does extra 5K loop from 3K to 8K. Both routes in my opinion are difficult running, tree roots and rocks, branches and water jumps.

Good head torch needed, as dark and very dark in places, good off-road shoes needed and done up tight, as muddy, and very muddy in places, shoe losing mud potential in some places.

No reflective tops needed as all off-road, so no traffic, but wild boar and deer sighting possible.

Well marked routes, with tape, reflective markers, flour, and sweepers plus a marshall or two.
(1 extra sweep for each route needed, any takers?)

Possible to miss last 2K off each route, but I can't see why anyone would want to do this😳.

Coffee Local available from 8:00PM, please no dirty or wet shoes &/or clothes to be worn in the coffee shop. They will serve tea/coffee/hot chocolate with cakes or pastries, no rolls or sandwiches.

Meet at 7:00 for briefing, additional information and walk to start.

The Week Ahead 21 March 2016

Jog down to the Link Road on Tuesday. The session will start at the 800 metre mark at 7.20.

All groups run for 30 minutes, pushing hard for two lampposts and slow jog recover for one lamppost. Simples!

And finally, you should have heard by now that it's an Away Run on Thursday at Lydney, with a 5.5k short route and a 10k longer one. Cake and coffee/tea after is your reward. Please let Mike know you're coming or there might not be enough. See Bulletin Board or Facebook for where and when, and to give your name.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Week Ahead 14 March 2016

Jog down to Thornwell on Tuesday for your monthly ration of loops. Coach Chris will start you off at 7.30.

On Thursday choose your distance in the Boughspring Runs.

And finally, on Sunday the cross-country season finale at Pontypool Park. A good turnout of men and women is called for as you'll gather from the Captains' rallying calls.

They'll also be able to tell us if Pont-y-Pwl are putting on junior races following the success of the Piercefield Park contests.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Week Ahead 7 March 2016

Tuesday's session is the much demanded return to School Hill
Coach Mike says: Hill work enhances leg power, improves cadence, strengthens arm drive, and boosts cardiovascular development.
12 hills for ABC groups, 8 for DEF, with a slow jog back down as recovery.
And take a 90 second break halfway through the session.

Thursday's run is the Tour of the Town. After which there is a social planned. The Curry Club returns - The Bell Hanger, Chepstow. Just come along for a drink or a curry.

And finally, on SUNDAY we have the March Club Champs race, the Dragon 10k in Cardiff's Bute Park. Full details on the website, bulletin board, email etc. Good luck to all!