Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Week Ahead 8 February 2016

Paarlauf at Beech Grove on Tuesday. Warm up to the start to meet at 7.15pm and include some drills as you approach the venue. High knees, fast feet, strides and heel flicks. Pair up with someone from your pace group of similar speed. The training this evening is about consistency of speed effort throughout the session. The suggested pace is 10k. Try not to run the laps as though your life depends upon it, or to run it faster than your partner!
The Shirenewton run on Thursday. See the route on the Training page. If 10 miles is more than you want, turn round at Shirenewton and go back the way you came.
And finally, the next Gwent League cross-country is just up the road at Monmouth Show Ground on the A466 before you get to the town. See the Captains' email for times and a link to the event website.

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