Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Week Ahead 11 Jan 2016

Back to Thornwell on Tuesday for the celebrated Loop (do I hear a hearty Hurrah!? No perhaps not) 

If you’re going straight there be  ready to run soon after 7.20. Make sure you warm up well while waiting for those running down from the Leis Ctre, and keep a warm top on till your group are  ready to start. And have that reflective top on when you do start.

Thursday's jaunt is the Sedbury run.
And finally, if you're going to the Awards Dinner on Saturday, don't forget it's traditional to buy the poor careworn coaches a nice drink...


  1. Hi there, where do you meet in Thornwell?

  2. Just opposite the chippie Benjamin. There's a cut-through to the estate just below the phone box.