Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Week Ahead 30 November 2015

Ivan takes over as Coach of the Month and has us running on Tuesday at Elm Rd, just round the corner from Teed Towers, his impressive home in the posh part of Tutshill (actually it's all rather posh in Tutshill - have a look at the list of members who live there). Be there ready to go at 7.20.

Then it's the Mathern run on Tuesday.

And finally, the next round of the Gwent League on Saturday. One of the many Ladies' Club Captains  (Mrs Lawsuit who has special responsibility for the GL) once said in an unguarded moment:

The next event is so close you can practically run there (and if you're Dani that would be no problem at all!)
The lovely setting of Blaise Estate is the location for the next Gwent league. It has the added advantage over other locations of: cafe', fantastic children's playground from toddlers to teenagers, shopping centres less than a mile away, great views, close to home, plus a particularly interesting course in my opinion.
Ladies run at 12:35pm so I'd say meet at 10:45am and leave Chepstow by 11am - parking is always a bit of a pain round there so go in the smallest car possible and expect to wrestle it in a tiny street space. Men run 2:10pm so leave Chepstow by 12:30pm.


  1. Hi, just checking , you said Mathern run Tuesday and Elm Road Tuesday also??

    Thanks, Andrew

  2. Tuesday will be Elm Road Tutshill. So posh, they need a bypass to get around Chepstow these days !

  3. Sorry Andrew - Mathern Thursday. I've had stiff words with the printing staff.