Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Week Ahead 2 Nov 2015

On Tuesday we go to the Link Road.  The session comprises 3 x 800m efforts downhill and
2 x 800m efforts  and one 400m uphill with 400m recovery back (not forward!)
along the footpath before each effort.  The last 400m effort should be undertaken as though you were finishing a race and chasing some one down.
Ensure you warm up well ready for the first 800m effort. Aim for  good running form and working at your own pace at the point where you can say a one or two word answer to a question.  From
the LC the total mileage for the evening is about 5.25 miles.
Thursday's run takes us to St Arvans, Porthcasseg and Penterry. Remember your headtorch if you use one, or don't if you don't.
And finally, the second Gwent League Cross-Country is at Llandaff Fields, Cardiff on Sunday. This is the East Wales XC Champs and a selection event (but not the only one) for the EW team for the Inter Regionals at Builth on 12 Dec. See the website page for details, and the email from our Club Captains.


  1. Have you considered the free Fireworks show at the School 5.30 t0 7.30/8 PM on Thursday night ?

  2. Yes but I can't afford it.
    (Alt. reply - the LC say parking will be tight, but the run will go ahead)

  3. Don't know for sure Tom. I believe Coach Geoff is away but I know he left maps of the course in the LC cupboard.
    If you're wondering whether off-road shoes are needed, I'm sure the answer is no, but you may have to run up the rocky farm path to Porthcasseg.