Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Week Ahead 16 Nov 2015

On Tuesday we go to Steep Street:   Starting at the bottom  by the Chemist we do six long and six short 10k efforts uphill, with a jog recovery down.
Don’t immediately stop and walk when reaching the brow of the hill ensure that you maintain effort over the brow and gradually slow to recovery jog down the main road. 
Consistent effort is essential on this hill session as is good upright running form.  Use your arms to help drive yourself forward.

Ensure you get a good warm-up on the way there, use the Co-op car park for some strides and  drills.

On Thursday we have the AGM so if you want to run beforehand start at 6:30 and try one of the Boughspring loops.

Come to the Elan Valley near Rhayader for the East Wales Road Championships on Saturday. The Elan Valley 10 Miles is a picturesque run on small lanes with the spectacular dam cascade in the background. Medals for a wide range of age groups, This a desirable event in a beautiful part of mid Wales. Hot soup and food after for all. Last year Chepstow runners won loads of medals.

And finally, all hands on deck Sunday for the next L:CL XC at Pontllanfraith. Hot drinks and bikkies after so be there!


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