Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Week Ahead 30 November 2015

Ivan takes over as Coach of the Month and has us running on Tuesday at Elm Rd, just round the corner from Teed Towers, his impressive home in the posh part of Tutshill (actually it's all rather posh in Tutshill - have a look at the list of members who live there). Be there ready to go at 7.20.

Then it's the Mathern run on Tuesday.

And finally, the next round of the Gwent League on Saturday. One of the many Ladies' Club Captains  (Mrs Lawsuit who has special responsibility for the GL) once said in an unguarded moment:

The next event is so close you can practically run there (and if you're Dani that would be no problem at all!)
The lovely setting of Blaise Estate is the location for the next Gwent league. It has the added advantage over other locations of: cafe', fantastic children's playground from toddlers to teenagers, shopping centres less than a mile away, great views, close to home, plus a particularly interesting course in my opinion.
Ladies run at 12:35pm so I'd say meet at 10:45am and leave Chepstow by 11am - parking is always a bit of a pain round there so go in the smallest car possible and expect to wrestle it in a tiny street space. Men run 2:10pm so leave Chepstow by 12:30pm.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Week Ahead 23 November 2015

Tuesday is the monthly time trial over the Severn Bridge. Its on the upstream side of the bridge and an out and back course. Get there and be nicely warmed up for a 7:30 race start.

Next Thursday (26th) an Away Run around Wentwood.  Meeting place @ 6.50pm is the Wentwood Reservoir Car Park, Grid Ref ST428 939, which is about 1.5 miles from Llanvair Discoed. i.e. NOT the pub, as per WotsOn. We can drive down to the pub afterwards,
good idea to car share if you can.

There will be 4-ish and 7-ish mile options, mainly on forest roads but both with some good
quality paths as well - though there might be some muddy puddles. Richard, course organiser, ran it on Tuesday night (in the storm!) in trail shoes which was fine; fell shoes would also be ok if you don't mind quite long sections on hard-packed surfaces.
Chips and lots of sausages are ordered at the pub. Nice sausages, not cardboard & sawdust ones. And they have veggie sausages. Would be good if people brought clean shoes when going into the pub though please.
And money for drinks if you want more than the one the Club will buy you.. As well as a head torch (or lots of carrots).

And finally, Saturday 2pm sees the next race in our Fell Series. From Llanfoist Village Hall, the mighty Blorenge calls. Running the Blorenge is something to impress your friends with. Do it and gain instant fame!

Provisional LCL XC Results

Martyin Jenkins has posted provisional results for the 2nd LCL XC (22nd Nov) hosted by Islwyn on the new GLCL website. Visit the website here:

Thursday, 19 November 2015

AGM Decisions

A well-attended AGM voted in the nominated Committee members.

Also elected were:

Al Dobbs as deputy Men's Club Captain;

Gerry & Sue Ashton as Volunteer Co-ordinators;

James Blore & Andy Creber will be joint Club Statisticians;

Sian Stroud will assist in the C25K/Beginners administration.

The increase in the Adult membership fees was agreed.

But the meeting agreed to subsidise the Junior membership fee by £2.50.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Week Ahead 16 Nov 2015

On Tuesday we go to Steep Street:   Starting at the bottom  by the Chemist we do six long and six short 10k efforts uphill, with a jog recovery down.
Don’t immediately stop and walk when reaching the brow of the hill ensure that you maintain effort over the brow and gradually slow to recovery jog down the main road. 
Consistent effort is essential on this hill session as is good upright running form.  Use your arms to help drive yourself forward.

Ensure you get a good warm-up on the way there, use the Co-op car park for some strides and  drills.

On Thursday we have the AGM so if you want to run beforehand start at 6:30 and try one of the Boughspring loops.

Come to the Elan Valley near Rhayader for the East Wales Road Championships on Saturday. The Elan Valley 10 Miles is a picturesque run on small lanes with the spectacular dam cascade in the background. Medals for a wide range of age groups, This a desirable event in a beautiful part of mid Wales. Hot soup and food after for all. Last year Chepstow runners won loads of medals.

And finally, all hands on deck Sunday for the next L:CL XC at Pontllanfraith. Hot drinks and bikkies after so be there!


Saturday, 14 November 2015

LCL XC Pontllanfraith

Next Sunday (22th) is the 2nd LCL XC at Pontllanfraith

The race starts at 11.00

The council offices address is:

Pontllanfraith House, 
Blackwood Rd,
NP12 2YW

Directions on googlemaps from Chepstow:   

It’s 40-45 mins from Chepstow so meet at the LC at 9.15

There are no toilets on site; the LC is about 5 mins away though.

Men and women start together, and then ladies do 3 laps, men do 4.

Just over 1.25 miles per lap, so 3.75m for women and 5m for men respectively.

The course (I think exactly the same):

We need to have at least 20 men and women there (40 total) to fill A, B, and C teams!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Chepstow Ladies' Gwent league success!!!!!

Another fabulous performance by the ladies' team at Sunday's Gwent League in Cardiff.

Kath was 5th overall and in the cumulative table she is in joint second place.
Jane Horler is 2nd overall in the V35 cumulativa table (with Kath in 1st place)
The senior A team was 7th on the day and 6 cumulatively, the B team was 26th out of 78, beating many A teams.
The V35 A team is now in cumulative first position, the B team was 9th out of 49 teams
The V45 A team was 4th on the day out of 38 teams.


Also the U11 boys team was in the top half at their first GL outing (and they're all year 5s so can do even better next year)

A very good day out for Chepstow! :) Well done all!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Week Ahead 9 November 2015

We are off to Thornwell this Tuesday to do some speed efforts around the loop of just under a mile. We are practicing at operating at threshold level for a longer effort. Your first lap will feel slow because you are fresh but as usual your aim is for consistency – ensure that your last lap is run in the same time as your first!  Think about your running form keep an upright posture and and use your arms to help maintain momentum up the
Pace groups A-C, 5 loops, D-F, 4 loops. With 90 sec static recovery between laps.
Ensure you get a good warm up on the way there. Anyone heading straight there, factor in time for a warm up lap.
Start time 7.20.
Finally if tired after the weekend and you drop down a pace group respect their speed.
On Thursday the run is out onto the Severn bridge,  a  well lit route with good footing either all the way across returning over the toll booths( 9.5m) or run out to one of the towers and back. Choose the distance or time that you want to run.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

London Marathon Draw

Stuart Penny and Lisa Jeffrey won 2016 London Marathon places in the draw tonight.

Sarah Bell and Jonathan Carter are the reserves.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Gwent League XC Cardiff

This Sunday (8th) is the second GL XC at Llandaff, Cardiff

The ladies race starts at 12.45
The men’s race starts at 14.30

The Llandaff (east car park) address is:

30 Fields Park Road
CF11 9HX

Directions on googlemaps from Chepstow:

It’s 40 mins from Chepstow so meet at the LC at 11.15 for both races or 13.00 for men only.

Men and women run separate races

Women run 6km
Men run 10k

5 score in a team with A, B, C teams etc. Age group teams too.

All details of location, parking, course map etc can be found here:

The race is the 3rd in the Chepstow Harriers XC series

It is the East Wales XC championship (and selection for the inter-regionals) with medals for all age groups and teams. You need to enter for this separately – see the form. You can also speak to Dick for more information about it.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Week Ahead 2 Nov 2015

On Tuesday we go to the Link Road.  The session comprises 3 x 800m efforts downhill and
2 x 800m efforts  and one 400m uphill with 400m recovery back (not forward!)
along the footpath before each effort.  The last 400m effort should be undertaken as though you were finishing a race and chasing some one down.
Ensure you warm up well ready for the first 800m effort. Aim for  good running form and working at your own pace at the point where you can say a one or two word answer to a question.  From
the LC the total mileage for the evening is about 5.25 miles.
Thursday's run takes us to St Arvans, Porthcasseg and Penterry. Remember your headtorch if you use one, or don't if you don't.
And finally, the second Gwent League Cross-Country is at Llandaff Fields, Cardiff on Sunday. This is the East Wales XC Champs and a selection event (but not the only one) for the EW team for the Inter Regionals at Builth on 12 Dec. See the website page for details, and the email from our Club Captains.