Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Don't Forget Your Hi-Viz Top - Winter Drawers On!

Training from now on will be finishing in the gloom, so we need to be visible to other road users.

Remember that Hi-Viz means good, fresh, strongly-reflective material - just wearing a lightly-coloured top won't make you stand out in the headlights.

We'll also need to regroup on Thursday runs for the sake of newer runners and those struggling to keep up. Make sure you start the run with your pace group, and tell the others if you have to drop back to a following group.

Remember there are maps of the usual winter runs on the TRAINING page of the website.


  1. Might need head torches too - it was dark on the WVW tonight, around 7,30. Couple of near trips...

  2. "Winter drawers on" - excellent