Wednesday, 30 September 2015

LCL XC Results

Confirmed results for the 1st LCL XC of the season at Parc Bryn Bach are now on the website in the usual place.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Week Ahead 28 Sept 2015

On Tuesday we have the 2nd Severn Bridge 5k Club Champs Race. If you missed the first one at the beginning of the month, or if you'd like a crack at improving your time at the earlier one, be sure to be on the start line on the upstream walk/cycle track at 7.30.

Thursday's run is your choice of one of the Boughspring routes. See the map on the Training page of our website.

Monday, 21 September 2015

LCL XC Parc Bryn Bach

This Sunday (27th) is the 1st LCL XC at Parc Bryn Bach

The race starts at 11.00

The Parc Bryn Bach address is:
Parc Bryn Bach, 
Merthyr Rd,
NP22 3AY

Directions on googlemaps from Chepstow:  

It’s 55 mins from Chepstow so meet at the LC at 9.15

Men and women start together, and then ladies do 3 laps, men do 4.

Approx 1.5 miles per lap, so 4.5m for women and 6m for men respectively.

The course (mostly the same as previously, may be slightly different):

Starting in front of the visitor centre, an anti-clockwise loop around the lake. With a climb up to the higher ground behind the woods and descending back towards the lake.

The visitor centre has showers, changing, toilets and a cafe.
After the race, the presentation for the road series prizes will be done.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Week Ahead 21 Sept 2015

Well Dear Reader, we've had to admit defeat and abandon the track at last. It's down to the Link Road for Chris's 400 metres session on Tuesday. All at a sharp 3k pace, so work hard and gain the benefit.

Thursday is the Mathern run, so we are back in the Winter routine, are we not?

And finally, definitely back in Winter mode with the first cross-country at Parc Bryn Bach on Sunday. I expect you've had James's email so you know all about it. Might be dry for a change!

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Week Ahead 14 September 2015

Tuesday's session will be the penultimate on the LC field this season. It's not a long one, so we'll still have enough daylight to do it safely.

This one's called 'Floats' and consists of alternate two minute and one minute spells of a basic 'floating' speed and a shorter burst of sharper speed. So 2 mins float, 1 min speed, 2 mins float, 1 min speed, and so on for 5 pairs. Then 3 mins recovery, and then repeat the 5 pairs. So 30 minutes of effort in total.

Coach Chris calls Thursday's run 'Offa's Dyke'. The exact route will be revealed in due course!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Don't Forget Your Hi-Viz Top - Winter Drawers On!

Training from now on will be finishing in the gloom, so we need to be visible to other road users.

Remember that Hi-Viz means good, fresh, strongly-reflective material - just wearing a lightly-coloured top won't make you stand out in the headlights.

We'll also need to regroup on Thursday runs for the sake of newer runners and those struggling to keep up. Make sure you start the run with your pace group, and tell the others if you have to drop back to a following group.

Remember there are maps of the usual winter runs on the TRAINING page of the website.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Week Ahead 7 Sept 2015

Still up on the track Tuesday for a timed speed session. 2 sets of 8 minutes, 6 mins, 4 mins & 2 mins with 2 mins recovery between each effort.

And Thursday's run is the Wye Valley Walk taking in the Eagles Nest.

Wentwood Woodlark Results

Here are the full results for today's Wentwood Woodlark:
 2015 Wentwood Woodlark Results

Today's race was also an East Wales Trail Race and those eligible feature in the following results:
 East Wales 2015 Wentwood Woodlark Results