Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Week Ahead 31 Aug 2015

Coach Chris takes over for September. His first session on Tuesday is 4,5 or 6 X 800 metres @ 5k pace with 2 mins recovery.

Another away run on Thursday, this time at Lydney. Be at the Lido ready to start at 7. Two sports for the price of one with a jolly swim to follow the run, followed by cake and coffee!

And finally, on Saturday the first of the two September Club Champs 5k races on the Severn Bridge. This one starts at 10am and is run over our usual 5k out and back course on the upstream side.

And even more finally, our Wentwood Woodlark trail race from Earlswood. By now I guess you'll know whether you're running or helping. Whichever, I expect you're looking forward to the homemade cakes after.

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