Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Week Ahead 22 June 2015

Coach Berna will take the Tuesday training session of 300mtr reps with 100m gentle recoveries on the field. A&B x 16, C&D x 14, and E&F x 12 reps.  Take time to consider the races you’ve done and what’s coming up before the session so you can train accordingly.  We will be working in pace groups split in to sub groups of 3 or 4.
 Bring a watch because it may be you who keeps an eye on your group’s times!!  Your first rep will set the target time for the session so make sure the first effort is a sustainable one! 

Thursday’s run is a choice of 2 distances though a little longer at the moment because you’ll
need to return over the new Wye bridge as the old bridge is still closed for repair work.

The new Wye bridge, Sedbury Lane, Diving Centre, Tidenham church, Netherhope Lane, Offas
Dyke 7.25 miles OR on to Hanley Lane, Boughspring, Offas Dyke 9 miles. 

Good luck to all those doing the Cotswold Way Relay on Saturday!   


  1. Well done Berna, good session.

  2. Thursday's run - the old bridge is open to pedestrians so no need to detour to the A48.