Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Week Ahead 9 March 2015

We are off to Thornwell this Tuesday to do some speed efforts around the loop of just under a mile. We are practicing at operating at threshold level  (8 to10k pace) for a longer effort. Your first lap will feel slow because you are fresh but as usual your aim is for consistency - your last lap the same time as your first! 
Pace groups A-C, 5 loops, D-F, 4 loops. With 90 sec static rec between laps.
Ensure you get a good warm up on the way there. Anyone heading straight there, factor in time for a good warm up.
Start time 7.20. Please make sure you've got your reflective top on at all times. If you have to remove clothing as you get warm during the session, remember to keep your reflective layer on. 
Thursday's run is the Tour of the Town.
And finally, the very last cross-country of the season on Sunday at 11am. Organised by Lliswerry at Rogerstone School, High Cross just off J27 M4.
Watch for the info posting by the Club Captains.



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