Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Week Ahead 23 March 2015

Coach Geoff says:
On Tuesday we go to Elm road. Groups A,B and C to do 12 efforts of approx 400 mtrs on down/up road with 90sec static recovery, Groups D,E and F to do 10, Juniors to do 8.
Maintain running form,  practice cadence and try to keep consistent times for the efforts.  If you are still feeling tired after the weekend’s efforts, reduce the number of reps and  go for quality rather than quantity!

Thursday sees us trying a newish route out past the racecourse to St Arvans, then either on to Porthcasseg farm turn left and left  and left again to follow road back to St Arvans and return along the wall to Chepstow LC (6 miles).
 Or at St Arvans go up the Devauden road towards Chepstow Park Wood (CPW) and just before the CPW car park turn right to the Cot  and follow the road on to Fair Oak where you will turn right and follow road back to St Arvans and the LC (8 miles). 
Remember to wear a bright top with some reflective stripes for visibility, and a head torch.


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