Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Week Ahead 16 March 2015

Coach Geoff says:
On Tuesday we go to the Link Road.  The session comprises 5 by 800m with 400m recovery. From the start at the top of the link road run 3 x 800m efforts downhill and 2 x 800m efforts uphill with 400m recovery back (not forward!) along the footpath before each effort. 

Ensure you warm up well ready for the first 800m effort. Aim for a good running form, consistent effort and working hard enough to the point where you could make a one or two word answer to a question. Use the down hill section to run with a relaxed upper body, legs rotating, and feet landing beneath you, pushing the track back behind you as you propel yourself forward. 

From the LC the total mileage for the evening is about 5.25 miles. 

On Thursday choose an option from the Boughspring runs. Go out clockwise over the old bridge and up the Coleford road, to Bishton lane (5m), Netherhope lane (7m) or Boughspring lane(8m ish).
It’s important to wear something reflective especially on Thursday.   Note some bright coloured jackets are not necessarily reflective!


  1. Good 800 metre session and the groups seemed to stay almost together. Have a House point !

  2. Merthyr Half Marathon, third club championship race this Sunday! Driving time 1 hour from Chepstow 50 miles, M4 then A470, meet at Chepstow LC at 7.45 a.m. to share cars. Park at the Merthyr Leisure Centre Complex, warm up jog to collect your number and chip and for £1, a welcome shower afterwards. Meet in cafe, for post race beverage.