Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Training tonight - meet at the 5k start point as planned at 7:30 pm. A decision will be made for alternative training if it's too windy to run on the bridge. For anyone who doesn't know where the start point is - it's on the upstream pedestrian access-way of the Severn Bridge, a short distance from the Chepstow end roundabout.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Week Ahead 30 March 2015

It's the last 5k of the season on the S Bridge on Tuesday, so take advantage and register a good time as prep for the Club Champs in September. Starts 7.30.

Coach Geoff is looking for one more helper to issue numbers at the end. Please volunteer by giving your name in a Comment below, or contact Geoff direct.

Many thanks to Geoff for a good month's training.

Ivan takes over for April, and has planned a run along the Wye Valley Walk on Thursday to the 365 steps car park, then up past the Eagles Nest, left through Porthcasseg and up to the Gaer Farm for as long as the light holds up. Come back along the roads when you find it tricky underfoot in the gathering gloom.

We need to keep on with reflective tops for a few more weeks yet.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Week Ahead 23 March 2015

Coach Geoff says:
On Tuesday we go to Elm road. Groups A,B and C to do 12 efforts of approx 400 mtrs on down/up road with 90sec static recovery, Groups D,E and F to do 10, Juniors to do 8.
Maintain running form,  practice cadence and try to keep consistent times for the efforts.  If you are still feeling tired after the weekend’s efforts, reduce the number of reps and  go for quality rather than quantity!

Thursday sees us trying a newish route out past the racecourse to St Arvans, then either on to Porthcasseg farm turn left and left  and left again to follow road back to St Arvans and return along the wall to Chepstow LC (6 miles).
 Or at St Arvans go up the Devauden road towards Chepstow Park Wood (CPW) and just before the CPW car park turn right to the Cot  and follow the road on to Fair Oak where you will turn right and follow road back to St Arvans and the LC (8 miles). 
Remember to wear a bright top with some reflective stripes for visibility, and a head torch.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Week Ahead 16 March 2015

Coach Geoff says:
On Tuesday we go to the Link Road.  The session comprises 5 by 800m with 400m recovery. From the start at the top of the link road run 3 x 800m efforts downhill and 2 x 800m efforts uphill with 400m recovery back (not forward!) along the footpath before each effort. 

Ensure you warm up well ready for the first 800m effort. Aim for a good running form, consistent effort and working hard enough to the point where you could make a one or two word answer to a question. Use the down hill section to run with a relaxed upper body, legs rotating, and feet landing beneath you, pushing the track back behind you as you propel yourself forward. 

From the LC the total mileage for the evening is about 5.25 miles. 

On Thursday choose an option from the Boughspring runs. Go out clockwise over the old bridge and up the Coleford road, to Bishton lane (5m), Netherhope lane (7m) or Boughspring lane(8m ish).
It’s important to wear something reflective especially on Thursday.   Note some bright coloured jackets are not necessarily reflective!

Monday, 9 March 2015

LCL XC Rogerstone

This Sunday (15th) is the 5th (final) LCL XC at Rogerstone

The race starts at 11.00

The Rogerstone School address is:
Rogerstone Primary School 
Ebenezer Drive,
Rogerstone, Newport
NP10 9YX

Directions on googlemaps from Chepstow: http://tinyurl.com/oety9x9

It’s 30 mins from Chepstow so meet at the LC at 9.45

Men and women start together, and then ladies do 3 laps, men do 4.

1.25 miles per lap, so in total 3.75 for women and 5 for men respectively.

A lap is a climb up a rough path through the woods before coming out into the top fields. A zig-zag up to the high ground before flat along the top. Then a descent through the woods before going round the outside of some fields.

It’s also the last race in the Chepstow XC series!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Week Ahead 9 March 2015

We are off to Thornwell this Tuesday to do some speed efforts around the loop of just under a mile. We are practicing at operating at threshold level  (8 to10k pace) for a longer effort. Your first lap will feel slow because you are fresh but as usual your aim is for consistency - your last lap the same time as your first! 
Pace groups A-C, 5 loops, D-F, 4 loops. With 90 sec static rec between laps.
Ensure you get a good warm up on the way there. Anyone heading straight there, factor in time for a good warm up.
Start time 7.20. Please make sure you've got your reflective top on at all times. If you have to remove clothing as you get warm during the session, remember to keep your reflective layer on. 
Thursday's run is the Tour of the Town.
And finally, the very last cross-country of the season on Sunday at 11am. Organised by Lliswerry at Rogerstone School, High Cross just off J27 M4.
Watch for the info posting by the Club Captains.



Monday, 2 March 2015

The Week Ahead 2 March 2015

Geoff Bayliss is our coach for March, the final month of Winter training before we get up on the track in April.

Tuesday's session is the Danes Loop which we take at 10k effort.

Thursday's run takes us down to Mounton, across to Hayesgate, and back via either Pwllmeyric or better still Mathern.