Monday, 12 January 2015

The Week Ahead 12 Jan 2015

6 short and 6 long hills up Steep St is Tuesday's session. Drive very hard up the short ones, and more economically up the long ones. Both will benefit your race performance.

Firstly by improving the speed and economy of effort when you tackle hills in a race.

Secondly in the improvement in leg and general body strength that come from running hills in training.

Thirdly in the improved confidence in your ability to tackle hills in races that come from a successful hills session.

Fourthly in the psychological benefit that grinding out 12 increasingly painful hills delivers.

On Thursday enjoy the hills in the Beachley Run. There are only four significant ones, but take the opportunity to work hard but economically on them. Regroup within your pace group at the top of each, starting with the steps up to Sedbury from the 'new' Wye Bridge.


  1. This is almost poetry Dick! Would you like to expand on the psychological benefits of increasing pain, though, please?

    1. Almost poetry? Huh! This any better Anonymouse?
      What doesn't kill you makes you strong.
      I scorn your six hills, short and long!

  2. 'Drive very hard up the hill'.... Don't encourage Andy Bray, make him run there !

  3. Smallish things
    Please smallish mind
    I think Head Coach
    Should be more kind

  4. 'significant' hills on the Beachley run? is this the usual route or an alternative one?