Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is up and running - if you're not currently registered for the club's own private social media... and would like to be, then please message below.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Week Ahead 26 Jan 2015

Tuesday's session is the Danes Loop. We're going anti-clockwise but the laps start further along down Kingsmark Lane.

Then straight after at 8.30 in the Bar, Richard and Vanessa Coates of Coates Physiotherapy will be giving a talk and practical demonstration on exercises and drills to help avoid injury. This will be very useful to all members.

Thursday's run will be the Mathern run. Coach Chris adds the rider "Not Ticken".

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Week Ahead 19 Jan 2015

On Tuesday we jog down to the Severn Bridge for January's 5k Time Trial - 7.30 start.

Thursday's run is out to Shirenewton  via Mounton, and then down to Crick and back to the Leisure Centre. It's about 10 miles but once you get to Shirenewton it's nearly all downhill from there.

But if you want a shorter run, then turn and retrace your steps as you get into Shirenewton.

If you're going to the Awards Dinner Saturday Night, we hear members have a good chance of coming away with a prize. Sounds like fun.

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Week Ahead 12 Jan 2015

6 short and 6 long hills up Steep St is Tuesday's session. Drive very hard up the short ones, and more economically up the long ones. Both will benefit your race performance.

Firstly by improving the speed and economy of effort when you tackle hills in a race.

Secondly in the improvement in leg and general body strength that come from running hills in training.

Thirdly in the improved confidence in your ability to tackle hills in races that come from a successful hills session.

Fourthly in the psychological benefit that grinding out 12 increasingly painful hills delivers.

On Thursday enjoy the hills in the Beachley Run. There are only four significant ones, but take the opportunity to work hard but economically on them. Regroup within your pace group at the top of each, starting with the steps up to Sedbury from the 'new' Wye Bridge.

Monday, 5 January 2015

LCL XC Pontllanfraith

This Sunday (11th) is the 3rd LCL XC at Pontllanfraith.

The race starts at 11.00

The Pontllanfraith Council Offices postcode for sat-navs is: NP12 2YW

Directions on googlemaps from Chepstow:

It’s 45 mins from Chepstow so meet at the LC before 9.30.

Men and women start together, and then ladies do 3 laps, men do 4.

Approx 1.3 miles per lap, so in total 3.9 for women and 5.2 for men respectively.

The course is 99% the same as this

Pretty flat, some gentle slopes. One stream crossing per lap (on 1st lap over the bridge for congestion purposes)

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Week Ahead 5 Jan 2015

We start the new year with an old favourite, the Thornwell Loop. As is the practice now, as soon as your speed group is in position (and you have a time keeper in place), start your first loop. Start the recovery watch for 90 secs as your middle runners arrive in the refuge.

Thursday's run is the Tour of the Town. I think everyone knows the route now. And pop down to 'Spoons after for the monthly Harriers Curry Night.

And finally, on Sunday we travel to Pontllanfraith Council Offices - just below Blackwood town - for the next round of the LCL cross-country. Meeting times will be published soon.

It just happens to be the first Club Championships race for 2015, so be there to collect your first haul of precious points in the bag that I know you keep for such valuables!