Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Week Ahead 24 Nov 2014

Tuesday's session is in Tutshill. Meet Coach Mike over there on the corner of Sedbury Lane and The Myrtles for the Severn Avenue Loop.

The session consists of longer interval 5K pace loops, 10 for A,B,C & 8 for D,E,F. groups.

Thursday's Boughspring runs start at 6.30 to give us time to get back for our AGM at 8 in the Bar. You can tuck into the buffet from 7.30.


  1. Does this mean no meeting at the LC? What time at The Myrtles?

  2. Doesn't mean you can't meet at the LC, as there may well be other announcements from the MC for the night. Suggest meeting at 19:15 if going straight to The Myrtles.