Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Week Ahead 6 Oct 2014

October's Coach of the Month Jane says: We go to the Link Road on Tuesday.  The session comprises 3 x 800m efforts downhill and 2 x 800m efforts uphill with 400m recovery back (not forward!) before each effort. 

Ensure you warm up well, ready for the first 800m effort. Aim for consistent times, good running form and working at your own pace at the point where you can say a one or two word answer to a question.  From the LC the total mileage for the evening is about 5.25 miles.  

Thursday's run is the Shirenewton 9 which can be shortened by turning back on the outskirts of the village. Take care as you pass the farm just past the top of Ticken Hill, where the sheep dogs have been known to be aggressive towards runners. MC Paul will remind you of this before the run.


  1. And don't forget your reflective top!

  2. . . .and your big stick