Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Week Ahead 29 Sept 2014 - Astro Turf First! - see Comment below!

A whole hour in the light this Tuesday for our first-ever session on the Leisure Ctre Astro Turf. We're doing 11 sets of 1 minute and 2 minute speed bursts, with recovery jogs of 1 minute between each.

Meet on the field at 6.50 as usual and start your warm up there before we all move along to the AT.

Autumn beckons - so it's time to hie to the Severn Bridge for the monthly 5k Time Trial on Thursday.

These regular (alternate Thursdays and Tuesdays) measured runs are a great tester to gauge your fitness, and teach you to judge your race pace away from the pressure of an actual race.

And if you're tackling a race the following weekend you can use them to "stretch your legs" in preparation for the big effort two or three days later.

And finally, another Club Champs race on Sunday - the Horseless Trials on the world-renowned Badminton course. Have a clear round!

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  1. WARNING! We may not be on the Astro Turf after all. Just had a call from the LC that at the time I booked it they hadn't logged that the club who hitherto have it booked from 6-7 had requested a change to 7-8 from this week.
    If we're not on the AT we can use the hard-standing next door which will be fully lit.
    Or we could stay on the grass which will be pretty well illuminated via the AT lights.
    Either way we'll have a good hard session. Be ready at 6.50!