Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Week Ahead 15 Sept 2014

Tuesday - up on the field again for 12 laps of 300 metres with 100 m slow jog recovery. Start your warm-up at 6.50. Watch out for those pesky biting insects as dusk closes in.

Thursday's run is the Wales Coast Path. Remember to bear right when you arrive at St Pierre golf course and look for the tunnel under the motorway to take you back to Mathern. There's a bridge a bit further on if you miss the tunnel.


  1. I'm new. Thursdays 'Wales Coast Path' run, is it the same as the 'Sea Wall' run ?

    1. No. We follow the official WCP signage through Garden City, past the Bulwarks, through Thornwell Woods, past Thornwell FC, through the motorway tunnel, through Newhouse estate to Mathern, around St Pierre golf course and back via Mathern.

    2. Most enjoyable !