Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Week Ahead 29 Sept 2014 - Astro Turf First! - see Comment below!

A whole hour in the light this Tuesday for our first-ever session on the Leisure Ctre Astro Turf. We're doing 11 sets of 1 minute and 2 minute speed bursts, with recovery jogs of 1 minute between each.

Meet on the field at 6.50 as usual and start your warm up there before we all move along to the AT.

Autumn beckons - so it's time to hie to the Severn Bridge for the monthly 5k Time Trial on Thursday.

These regular (alternate Thursdays and Tuesdays) measured runs are a great tester to gauge your fitness, and teach you to judge your race pace away from the pressure of an actual race.

And if you're tackling a race the following weekend you can use them to "stretch your legs" in preparation for the big effort two or three days later.

And finally, another Club Champs race on Sunday - the Horseless Trials on the world-renowned Badminton course. Have a clear round!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Week Ahead 22 Sept 2014

This season's penultimate Tuesday up on the field. We're running the perimeter clockwise for 20 minutes at tempo pace (that's a good hard pace but within your lactic limit, so you can sustain it for the duration and exchange a few words with fellow runners), and then turning round to run 20 minutes tempo pace in the opposite direction.

If you do it right you should end up back where you started.

Thursday's run is up the Wye Valley Walk, across the A466, up past Eagles Nest to Porthcasseg Farm, up Gaer Hill and across the top to descend to Rogerstone Grange and back to the LC via the 3 (2!) woods.

A long run that can be cut short at a number of points. Try and start with someone who wants to do the same distance.

And finally, the Club Champs race at the Forest of Dean Half on Sunday. Good luck to all!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Week Ahead 15 Sept 2014

Tuesday - up on the field again for 12 laps of 300 metres with 100 m slow jog recovery. Start your warm-up at 6.50. Watch out for those pesky biting insects as dusk closes in.

Thursday's run is the Wales Coast Path. Remember to bear right when you arrive at St Pierre golf course and look for the tunnel under the motorway to take you back to Mathern. There's a bridge a bit further on if you miss the tunnel.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Week Ahead 8 Sept 2014

We're repeating the popular paarlauf and fun relay session on Tuesday. People seemed to like it last time.

Be on the field by 6.50 please, or we'll be finishing in the dark!

If it's like last week, watch out for biting insects as it gets darker. Bring some jogging bottoms, a light top and a hat to put on when you finish the session.

And be on the Bridge on Thursday 7.30 for our annual Mob Match against our Thornbury AC friends. Chip butties in the LC bar after.

Wentwood Woodlark Results

Here are the Results for Wentwood Woodlark 2014:
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